Where have the comments gone?

I was checking to see if the untitled story that went up yesterday had been given a title (it has) when I noticed most of the comments were gone. Specifically, I think all the comments posted before it got it’s title have been removed.

The comments still exist, I can see some in my disqus notifications, but where have they gone? Trying to open the story from disqus just bring me to the version I’ve linked here, which only has a few more recent comments on it.

It’s not in unfiltered anymore. Once a story transfers from unfiltered to the main site, all comments disapear. (why is a good question though)

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It wasn’t an unfiltered story though, just a main page one missing a title. Even the unfiltered stories have titles like “Unfiltered Story #000000.”

Can you maybe open the original link from your browser history?
The comments are not present for the titled story because, as far as Disqus is concerned, the two are separate entries.


I’m assuming that fixing the missing title screwed up the comments? I think Disqus comments are tied to URLs and them adding the title changed the story’s URL, effectively giving the story two separate comment sections (with the older one now only being really accessible to those that commented before the title was added).

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Just tried that, thanks. The link in my browser history didn’t have the title, but it brought me to the titled story anyway. I’m not really fussed about finding any specific comment, was just curious is all.

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