When you go to the comments thinking everyone will be on the OPs side

Many stories I click the comments to see the controversy. Other times I think everyone will agree. For this story I thought everyone here would be on OPs side but I was clearly mistaken…

What other stories were surprisingly controversial?


a lot of story are surprising in the comments. There’s was story from last year that people think that OP whom tried to take his son to a sort of travelling theme park and the OP got wacked by a “Karen” and was asked to leave so OP’s son was stuck riding a ride (which he OP) was also suppose to ride with a screaming failing young girl (Karen’s granddaughter).

or the “Lifestyle of the Cheap and Hungry”

or the Coach (the dog) story which happened

or the mixed reaction which happened in “Don’t cash cheques you’re arms can’t carry”,

Looking at those comments, most people are on OP’s side. I also think they’re wrong, there is a decorum for what you should watch in a public place where other people are forced to be and a movie like Sweeney Todd is violating that, but the majority of the people in the comments are agreeing with OP.

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There was another post like this somewhere on the forum…

It took some time until I made up my mind about that.
I’d say that the general rule is that you shouldn’t watch inappropriate stuff in public places. No gore, no p***…
Trains, airplanes, etc are such places.

That being said: There are circumstances where I think it’s acceptable. Like in the story. Displays of mobile phones aren’t that big. The seats in a plane are pretty close together. So you really have to want to see what the person in front of you is watching. Looking over the seat or through the gap between the seats, getting the angle right… So in this case I’m siding mostly with the OP. Change some of the circumstances though and it might be different. A bigger screen like a laptop? I’m not sure if that would be okay.


it’s not OP’s job to make sure what they’re watching is okay for someone’'s else’s prawn. (ie Children). The kid shouldn’t have been looking at something which he didn’t have permisson he litereally had to bend over to see between the seats unless OP was in the middle seat or something. IT’s the mom’s fault for not having a book or something to occupy the kid.

The mother was over the top. OP wasn’t trying to cause an issue. But they were still causing an issue by watching something inappropriate where other people could see. My ideal solution would be for OP to not fly off the handle and try to work the situation out, maybe agree to keep the screen pointed away from the kid or something but OP is not as blameless as a lot of the commentariat seems to think. They’re in public, it’s not out of the ordinary to ask for a certain level of decorum in ones actions and viewing habits.

Except that it generally is his job. We’re all not living in a vacuum or some special bubble. We’re surrounded by other people. And it totally is our job to make sure that what we do, watch or listen to in public doesn’t affect others.
It’s just in this special case that I agree it’s okay. Small screen, seats as dividers where you really have to try to see something … that’s enough imho.

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As someone who loves horror movies I can sympathize with the OP. The mom probably didn’t bring her kid anything to do. “Oh little Johnny, there’s going to be people watching movies on the flight. Just watch what they’re watching.”

Then she gets a nasty surprise when the movie OP watched is gory.

Yes, Karen, parent your kid.


Yeah, I don’t think watching a movie, with headphones, in a place where you can only see it by peering through the seats, is out of line. With a visual medium, if someone doesn’t like it they can just look away.


I don’t live a child-friendly life. I never had kids because I never wanted them. It would not cross my mind that a kid might find a way to see what is on my phone. It is up to his parents to control their child.


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