When should a Gala Event be held at the beginning or end of a tour?

I’m jealous — I’d love to do that tour!

As for the mystery, think of what the worst thing might be (for you) that is likely to happen. A gunshot sound effect? Okay, what would you do if you knew that was probably going to happen?

Been there, done that. As I mentioned earlier my church some years ago put on a dinner theatre (which I know isn’t the same) and I can’t recall the plot exactly, but a famous “composer” died and people show up (I can’t recall any character but the auctioneer since the 2nd time we put it on, Mom played that character ) for an auction of the composer. Early on, the auctioneer gets I think shot out. But I can’t remember much more about the plot!

Well, if you can handle that, I can’t imagine what else they would do that would throw you. Screams? Turning out all the lights for a few seconds? A big flash?

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Well I’m kind of use to screams between a theme park I would normally go too in the summer (3rd summer in a row I haven’t been), and in 2011, I was in Paris, France, and Mom and I went out of Paris to another part of France, to Euro Disney, and between Phantom Manor, ride and the Armageddon ride … I managed to survive people screaming, And a lot worse “fake” things happening with the the latter ride,

So I guess I might have been worried for nothing if I can surive a dinner theatre “mystery”, Phantom Manor, and a Armageddon - I can probably surive a murder mystery supper

(Some people think it’s the Escape Room in Casa Loma, but that doesn’t really make sense with the Gala Event dinner that’s going on at the same time)

But thanks for your advice!

ONE DAY LEFT BEFORE MY TRIP! Tomorrow is my last day on the computer!

PS to everyone: Could someone please make sure to link to the first of Sept 26th stories so I can catch up on October 2nd?

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Have fun!


I will!

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The one thing I know about the whole tour is that the author of the books that the TV series is very loosely based on will be leading (?) or be with us on the tour of “Old York” and Cork town tours on the final day before we come home on Sunday.

PS: what is a “What happens next? Lecture” Is that where people ask what’s is going to be happening in Season 17? Since we’re only 2 epoxides in for Season 16. Of course, there’s going to be a Murdoch Mysteries on Monday but I will have to wait until Sunday of next week to watch it.

So you actually have Maureen Jennings on your tour? Cool!

The lecture on What Happens Next? will almost certainly not have any info on upcoming episodes or seasons. At most, there might be pre-approved teasers, which would only be hints.

My guess - which is almost certainly wrong - is that it will be about writing mysteries in general. Who is giving the lecture? That could be a big clue!

Enjoy your tour!

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Yep Jennings is going to be with us (or leading us?) on Saturday’s tour of Old York and Corktown.

as I said it’s a lecture which I would assume is more then just pre-filmed teasers. And also there will be a Q&A. (I guess the cast will have to deflect the questions about the first 2 episodes of Season 16 of Murdoch from Americans whom might be there, and I don’t know when Brits get Murdoch so that as well maybe).

There’s no clue whose doing the lecture

Anyway bye everyone see you next Sunday!

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Bit of a non-sequitur, @LeadingZero… was this regarding anything in particular here that I’ve missed, or did you mean to post it on a different thread?

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This is what it’s about:


Thanks, Kianna, that’s right!


Thanks @LeadingZero it will help me catch up quickly. and I’m BAAACK!

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How was the trip?

Great got to meet 5 actors from the show. 2 at the Gala event on Monday - Mrs. Brackenreid and Effie Newsome. We saw a bit on Friday on Set of both Higgs and Murdoch. And last night at the Farewell dinner at the CN Tower we had Terrence Meyers And there were bucnh of people conntected 2 the show on Monday night’s Gala event-besides Clarie (the acotr whom plays Effie), Arwen (Mrs.B) there was also Marueen Jennings the auhtor of the books, Christine Jennings (no relation to Maureen), two “new” script writers and Peter Mitchel, whom I think is what’s called the show runner for the show currently? I will talk more about the trip in a bit after I get catch up with stuff.

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Nice! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

here’s the thread: Murdoch mysteries trip

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@LeadingZero and @AthenaCat where should I post about the questions I got out for the Murdoch Quiz? In a PM or whaT?

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