When should a Gala Event be held at the beginning or end of a tour?

As you guys know as of next week I will be on a one-week trip within my province. The two nights at the beginning and end got switched around to the other end. The Gala night at the end and the CN Tower dinner at the beginning got switched to the other day. But online says that if the Gala night was at the end there would be a side of Mystery at the Gala Event+dinner. But there’s no mention of it being at the beginning. (unless it’s a surprise) And for some reason I don’t know it doesn’t make sense for the Gala Event to be at the beginning, it makes more sense to be at the end. When do you think a Gala event should be held?

I would like to add:

I’m kind of upset that the order of the dinner event for my upcoming trip (next Monday) got switched around (Gala on 1st night, and CN Tower supper last night instead of the other way around) and also now I’m worried about the fact with the Gala evening being on the Monday instead that there is not going to be a “side of Mystery” like they said there would be if it happened on the Saturday like it says on the main site.

Especially when Casa Loma is basically about the only 20th century spot you would technically be able to find in Toronto to put such a thing to happen since a 1970s modern dinning room which is way up in the air isn’t the right spot for a mystery not without scaring the other dinner guests,

I have literally no idea.

Might i suggest asking the organisers, rather than random people on the internet who have less than zero knowledge about what is going on?


Plans might have had to change.
Someone might have made a mistake
The organisers have put it back a day so the Sasquatch could attend.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained from your poll, as no one on the forum will know. All you will get is people randomly guessing.


If you’ve just read the above and are puzzled as to why my reply to Celoptra is a non sequitur, it’s because since I posted it, Celoptra completely rewrote her post and removed a poll.

The post was essentially her saying that she was expecting some murder mystery thingie to be happening on one day, but the literature or website she now has is saying it’s a different day.

The poll was her asking us when we thought a gala would/should take place.

I’m hoping that Celoptra does not change her post any more. Just in case she does, here’s the edit as it appeared when I made this Edited to Add.

Incidentally, this was the original title (thank heavens for verbatim email notifications!):

On a Tour when would be the best time for A Gala Event w/ a side of Murder Myster?


This literally made me lol


Ir just now I don’t think there will be a side of mystery if the Gala event is on the Monday, as opposed to the original Gala Evening being the last day. And I kind of was looking forward to the “Mystery” part of the Gala evening even if I was worried about it.


Then, we’re off to a very special Murdoch Mysteries Gala Evening in the grand surroundings of Casa Loma. It will be a night to remember, but beware there might just be a mystery to solve!

Gala evening on Monday vs. Saturday

Arrival to Casa Loma for our“Welcome to Toronto” gala evening There’s not a mention of there being a mystery to solve unless it’s surprise?

So I can get rid of the poll but I don’t know what to change the title of the thread too then?

Please don’t keep changing the title; it gets confusing for those who come along later. The fact that you’ve removed the poll and rewritten your opening question now makes my post look insane.

Conversations evolve, and it’s perfectly normal for things to drift a bit.

Use phrases like “edited to add” and then say something like “I’ve closed the poll and put a revised question in post number xx”. If you absolutely have to remove part of a post, consider using strikethrough rather than deleting it.

Minor edits for spelling is fine; rewriting posts completely so other people’s posts makes no sense is poor etiquette.


I agree. I was very confused when I read your response, until I realised that Celoptra must have completely rewritten their post.

It’s rude to do that.


I’ve added an explanation for the disconnect between what she wrote and my reply. I’ve also added a screenshot, just in case she changes it further.

I really don’t want to have to take screenshots every time I respond to Celoptra, just to protect myself from sounding effing insane because she’s gone and rewritten thread history.


I added the originall wording back in, and said “I would like to add” to the post and changed the title back (but I got rid of the poll)

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Given that the event has been swapped, and there’s nothing you can do about it (because they won’t swap just cause you asked)….

We could all agree with you that it makes sense for one event to be at a certain time, but that doesn’t make the event magically reschedule back the way it was. The organisers have their reasons (practicality most likely) but one person asking them to change things will not actually change it.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes even small things can annoy and frustrate our expectations and I empathise. When nothing seems to be going right every tiny wrong thing grates. But there’s nothing about this situation in your control so…

What are you asking for exactly? Or, put another way, what do you want to have happen?


Thank you.

In future, if no one has replied, and you can see no one is typing anything, then it’s probably okay to change, provided it is still new. If it’s been out for more than an hour, it’s probably best to leave it.

If someone has posted, then restrict changes to only typos.

If you have created a poll and it is no longer needed, consider closing it rather than deleting it.

Remember, if people are following a thread, they will read from the most recent posts, and are unlikely to go revisit earlier posts to see that you’ve changed something.

Anyway, i hope you have a lovely time


a couple of updates.

  1. there still will be a murder mystery with the Gala event

  2. Mom and I are skipping out the winery dinner since we don’t drink. (But it means we have to pay for our own supper else where so it means we only get 12 out of 13 included meals). And as far as I can tell the cheap “fast” food restaurants are on the outskirts of town compared to fine dinning in this town much like in the other play-town. And also Mom has some other event planed for us but when we will be walking around the town for most of the afternoon, after “lunch”, I don’t think more walking around town is an option and I don’t think we will be seeing any plays if any are on, because of something related to my sister and her first post secondary school,

Does anyone have any tips for getting through a dinner with a “side” of murder mystery for someone whom isn’t used to that kind of event?

Enjoy the dinner, try to figure out who the actors are, try to figure out who did the murder (or whatever)?


Also can you not just eat at the winery without drinking?


Mom told me on Monday night that we’re skipping out on that part. So we will be paying for our own (cheaper) meal else where and doing something else more fun. But she’s wouldn’t tell me what it is until the day of. (so a week tomorrow). The only thing I can properly discount is seeing a play in the town.

Sorry what I meant by a “Tips” for dinner wiith a side of murder mystery. What I meant is for soneone who isn’t very used to such dinner how to get through the dinner without having a panic attack or something?

Ok I do know that in 2007 and then again in 2010/2011/12) they put on something close to a murder Mystery dinner at my church. So If could survived that-twice, , I can probably survived a bigger scale event

It may be worth talking to the organisers. If they are experienced / professional then they will most likely have a plan for supporting guests who become distressed and it may be possible for you to leave or sit it out in some way.

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Nope I actually want to experience it. But I haven’t been to something similar for several years that my church put on and that version, had gun shot, as part of the plot if I remember correctly

Generally knowing that there is a way out if it gets too much has been helpful for the people I know who suffer from anxiety. Other than that, I don’t know.

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One day left before the trip! So as of tomorrow night, I wouldn’t be on again till sometime the following Sunday.