When Pranks Go Wrong

When I was in middle school, I went to a super strict private school where you had to wear uniforms, parents paid for tuition and all activities and stuff, the whole 9 yards (it’s not common in US schools. And yes it was a religious school).
Anyway, we had this one teacher that was actually pretty awesome. She offered to write fake detention slips for a couple of us during study hall as an April Fools Prank (she wrote very clearly on the back that it wasn’t real).
So after school, my dad is the one to pick us up. I hand him the slip, trying way too hard to look all calm despite pulling a prank… and I will never forget the look on his face because holy cow it was the most terrifying thing in the entire world. He looked like he might just drop kick me to the moon in that instant. So I panicked and flipped it over to reveal the “fake” part before I could actually complete the prank.
So yeah… now I don’t play pranks anymore.

Anyone else have a short and disastrous prank career?


Only tried one prank…


OMG that is the best story. Also is it bad that me, as an adult with a whole job and furkids, wants to try this just because it sounds cool?


Nothing wrong with that at all! Just make sure you find out eggsactly how long to soak it for.

I assumed i knew, and well… you know what they say about assuming?


It leaves you with egg on your face?


More like on the floor.

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