When I was on two trips with my parents compared stuff to Disney park ride(s)

when I was on two trip with my parents pre-viral yuck. I compared two things on the trips to Disney park rides. Like when we’re in China in 2017 we took a rickshaw ride. Due to the limit roads and stuff and cars moving at times it felt like Mr. Toad’s Ride at Disney Park. (I know my family was one of the last billion to ride or so i believe at Disney World in the 1997 since it got replaced with Winnie the Pooh).

And the following year when my parents and I went to Ireland we went to the Titanic museum (my Mom thought it was going to be able the movie so wasn’t working forward to it ag all). But there’s a kind of “ride” on the upper floor and the ride reminded me of a cross of Peter Pan’s Flight and Haunted Mansion ride. (The former because you were “flying” in the air and the later because of the car going backwards at a point and also being spooked occasionally)

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