When another user tells you to leave the site

Carolyn and LeadingZero, you have restored my faith in humanity today :slight_smile:


No hard feelings at all, Carolyn! In the moment, I felt annoyed, but you had a good point, and I learned a lot from my own reaction. I posted about it here, at length, because I really felt I learned from it.

Nobody - you or me - is going to say things perfectly 100% of the time. We have to give each other the benefit of the doubt and look (& think) beyond the bare words on the screen.


I absolutely hate it when they delete stories like that. I get it when the story itself is controversial (Such as that “sidewalk counsellor (sp)” story, but the rest of them it really feels like the NAR team is trying to hide their mistakes rather than admit to making mistakes.


Just want to give y’all kudos asa well @Carolyn AND @LeadingZero. This is exactly why we built this forum! I’m not tearing up, I’m fine…


Kenneth, just in case you ever do come back, I just want to say I’m sorry this happened. You’re obviously hurting, and while you did make a few false steps, I don’t think you deserve all the criticism you’ve gotten here. I’m autistic too and know what it’s like to feel hopeless about interacting with people. I hope things get better for you.


I think that’s a generous interpretation of the consistent misogyny that Kenneth showed in comments (not just in this thread) and repeated refusal to take in information that conflicted with his worldview.

It would be nice to believe that one day he will return wiser, but I fear it’s more likely that he’ll end up ‘taking the red pill’ and falling into incel territory.

And I think if he does, you’ll have helped push him that way. Driving someone who’s obviously in pain and on the verge of giving up on human interaction out of the one community they’ve felt like a part of for years isn’t going to make them behave BETTER.


Or he could have taken on board any of the things he was told about why women don’t ‘just say no’, on any of the occasions he was told those things. He had the option of listening and of modifying his views; he chose not to. Oh well.

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