What's your favorite spooky game?

This could be a game that was supposed to be spooky or one that was unexpectedly scarier than you thought it would be.

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Betrayal at the house on the hill!! I really like the fact that it’s different every time.


My sis had an excellent Halloween party once; my parents went all out on the spookiness. One game was they told a tale whilst we sat in a circle with the lights off. During this tale, various body parts were handed around, and we had to feel them all.

A bag of blood
An eye ball
A bowl of veins
An ear

And so on. It was gross, messy and FUN!

After it was taken away, we had to remember what the items were, and guess what they really were. We wrote down our answers and the person with the most right was the winner.

It turns out our parents had put a lot of thought into it, as they had experimented with lots of different liquids for the bag of congealed blood. Tomato ketchup, tomato soup and the like didn’t feel quite right. But then they remembered the lights were off, so colour didn’t matter; they just put a cornflour/water mix in a bag, and didn’t even worry about colouring it.

The eyeball was a pealed grape. Spaghetti was the veins and a dried apricot for the ear.

I can’t remember all the other items, nor can i remember the story, but i do remember how much fun it was!


I was trying to figure out how to explain the game and it’s a social deduction game. It’s a sit down in a circle game and it has two variations one is called “were-wolves” and the other one is called “Mafia”. And there’s also the board game called “Number 13 Dead End Street” or something like that?

I always got creeped out by Wink Murder, but that’s because I have trouble with eye contact.


mansions of madness is a nice game with a spooky theme.

The Werewolves of Millers Hollow is always a spooky game if you play it outside in the woods at night.

Not to go FULL nerd but there are SO many great D&D creepy monsters, like the beholders, whose mere presence makes you feel insane.

This is a perennial favorite with my friends and co-workers! We’re long overdue for another session…

Speaking of, I’ve been meaning to check out Tabletop Sim – pretty sure I’ve seen a couple Betrayal modules for it.


I love the game Mafia!


i think in my a pinion its the “mobile” games that spams ads but instead of telling you when a ads is happening it just jump scares you with the loud ads and every time you play it the ads just gets louder and louder and more scarier and every time you think you know when a ad is about to play it skips one sec it plays like the loudist and cringist and most fakeist ad ever.