What's the worst autocorrect you've sent or been sent?

I think I got the worst ever autocorrect today!

Thank goodness this was in my search, and not sent as a tweet or anything, but apparently, my Siri thinks I want to see the filmography of Michael Ass Ender.
I don’t know who that actor is what types of films he’s in, but I am pretty sure that he’s not the one who played Magneto!

What’s the worst autocorrect you’ve sent or been sent?


Not so much an autocorrect as a typo.

An acquaintance of mine is nicknamed Chuck - his name is something else but everyone calls him Chuck.

His official email ID and the correspondence name he’d use was his actual name, at all the companies he worked for. Until he joined this hip new startup. He got the email id chuck@companyname[dot]com and the freedom to use Chuck in all his correspondence.

Until one day, when sending me an email, he mistakenly signed his name as, well, ‘F@%#’. While cc-ing the CEO.


Not really an autocarrot issue, but @KillerTomato’s talk of the assistant’s bad spelling reminds me that even though I have set Google to respond to Hey Google, it will also sometimes activate when I laugh…


“drowned” instead of “frowned”.


the worst, I wanted to wish my sister “good luck for your first day of master” (She was entering in master of art history at the time) and the autocorrect decided to replace “Master” by “Masturbation”.


Mine would be the article I received for a news letter with a note telling me it had already been speelchecked.


I am a very sloppy texter on mobile and while I try to correct myself for you fine people, my partner has just learned to live with it. Most of our inside jokes are from my autocorrect.

Recently I saw Netflix has the old spidermens up and I was so excited to see young Tibet Manguito.


Not really auto correct, but still fits the spirit.

I was talking to a friend about how messy our rooms are, and confided in them how I just put sh*t everywhere. Only, somehow, I missed the word “put” at first… and the end result made it sound like I defecated all over the room as if I got severe diarrhea. Oops.


This was July 4th, my sister was trying to say that we needed to make sure we had the meat thermometer for the chicken we were going yo BBQ

I replied 'yes iphone, lets just check the temperature of our SPIDER JAWS


So this isn’t actually something that’s happened to me as an autocorrect, yet. But every time I’m texting someone and mention having talked to my deaf friends, I’m always expecting to accidentally type “dead” instead of deaf and cause some real concern.


I wrote a goal for my job (I’m a speech therapist) and can’t remember if it was supposed to min or max cues…I wrote man cues.

not au auto-feature but what my Mom and I joke is my “google translate” (aka auto-speech) But I was talking to Mom during lunch about something someone suggested about Paralives the other day and despite the fact I said “disabilities” first the next word was “deaf” but somehow Mom heard “death”. The person said (something which I consider completly stupid and uneducated) that “Deaf people hear 100% no sound” which is incorrecty.

I have a few, due to my poor phone typing skills. These are all me.

Intended message: “Do you have a link?”
Autocorrect: “Do you have a lemon no?”

Intended message: “the result of deliberate changes.”
Autocorrect: “the result of delicious changes.”

Intended message: “Maybe you could work on your Arabic assignment.”
Racist Autocorrect: “Maybe you could work on your satanic assignment.”

Intended message: “medjool dates” [I actually spelled this properly]
Autocorrect: “meddlesome dates”

Intended message: “Jason.”
Autocorrect: “Maldonaldo.”

Intended message: “Goodnight.”
Autocorrect: “Goodnight zombie.”

Intended message: “Goodnight.”
Autocorrect: “Goodness got.”

Intended message: “Goodnight.”
Autocorrect: “God ignores.”

On the other hand, it also once correctly guessed that I meant “language” when I typed “mangagyar”, so I guess it’s not terrible all the time.


So, your autocorrect is racist (Arabic = satanic), militantly atheist (God ignores), doesn’t want to say goodnight (unless it’s to a zombie) and wants delicious things – I can at least relate to the last one. :grin:

As for me, I can’t remember any egregious autocorrects off the top of my head but I did also almost call a colleague “Dead [name]”, but in my case, it was instead of “Dear [name]”.


A funny one that my friends and I still talk about is “The Hound of Munich” instead of “The Sound of Music”. Lol

And then there was a review I was doing for an app for my other job where it autocorrected books to boobs. lol


My favourite one is the one I saw this morning by @PublishedAuthor. The topic it was from was a serious one, but this bit did somewhat distract…

The coworker killed the police


I have a friend who is really into hip-hop. He even aspires to be a rapper. He told me he was getting better at rapping, but he forgot one “p.” Jesus, it’s frightening how missing one letter can turn a form of artistic expression into something so heinous.


ah an autocorrect from yesterday.

My sister was telling me about an ice cream shop that opened in her town and that her favorite flavor was Oreo ice cream.

I wanted to say “personally, I don’t really like the taste of Oreos.”

Except that with autocorrect, I wrote “Je n’aime pas trop le goût des oreilles”. (in English "I don’t like really the taste of the ears)

yes " oreilles " is the french word for ears.

I reassure you, I never ate ears…


Really? I heard differently…

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