What's the silliest rule you've ever seen that is taken seriously?

This could be a rule at school, work, or one you’ve seen somewhere else.

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I don’t know if this counts but an old workplace of mine decided to relocate most of their office based workers from the site to a new location in the centre of a nearby town. During a meeting about the relocation there was a lengthy discussion about the importance of looking both ways before crossing the road and using pedestrian crossings. I was waiting for them to tell us not to take candy from strangers as well!

They did have a rule about not wearing your building pass outside of the office which made sense in itself. However, the thing that made it silly was that whilst you would be disciplined if you were caught wearing said pass on the basis it’s a security risk, you were allowed to wear t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets with the business’ name and logo printed on them.


that rule about the badge/building pass - but not considering the business’ logo does seem a bit silly!


A pass shows that you are an employee and probably working. Branded gear might be a promotional gift, and could be worn when not at work. It also doesn’t have your name on it. That full name + employer’s name combo could be useful for everything from stalking to industrial espionage to scamming.


Good point! However, the security briefs they gave us about the pass specifically emphasised that the reason for the rule was that people wouldn’t care who we were individually or what our roles were, the fact that we were employees of company x would be enough for us to be targeted. The odds of people not employed by or working for the company wearing their gear is also very low.


My current project has a weird but enjoyable quirk. We have an expense budget each month to cover things like catered meetings, work travel, things lkke that. Which is pretty typical in my line of work.

What is unique about this project is that the client is absolutely strict that every month we have to spend exactly the amount of our expense budget. Not “no MORE than the budget” but exactly on the budget.

Since expense budgets are often something thats typically over estimated this has resulted in three months in a row where the client has come to me and complained that I HAVE to spend the remainder of the budget before the end of the month.

This means weve had things like steak lunches or bottles of wine for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It feels kinda wrong but the client is requiring that I spend the money.


shrugs if they insist!