What's the process?


What happens to the stories after we click submit?


Thanks for your question!

All submitted stories go into an email server, where our chief editor sorts through them and chooses the stories that we’ll format, edit, and publish to the main site. Stories that aren’t quite up to the standard of the main site (but still greatly appreciated!) are sent to the Unfiltered folder to be uploaded more or less in the order they’re received. Those stories aren’t formatted or edited all; they’re copied and pasted exactly as received.

Stories for the main feed are then sorted into their respective categories (NAR, NAW, NAF, etc.) and sent to the editing team in weekly batches. Then, the editors get to work formatting them (bold dialogue tags, italic asides, etc.), editing them (fixing grammar and spelling, redacting names/brands, removing unnecessary detail, etc.), putting titles on them (which sometimes takes significant brainpower, as we’ve done literally tens of thousands of these!), and scheduling them for upload in the future. Then, our backend automatically publishes them to the site at the scheduled time.

At that point, they’re public and can be commented on, liked, and shared!

I think that’s everything! I’m happy to elaborate if you have further questions about this.


Are there stories that don’t even make it to Unfiltered (barring the obvious exception of highly offensive)?


Ah, so as I suspected the Unfiltered aren’t actually unfiltered, just unedited!