What's the movie title?

25 Jurassic Park

17 The Princess Diaries

Too late to join? 8 Chicken Run

24 is A bug’s life?

26 the hobbit?

There isn’t a movie about the wizard of New Zealand, is there?

It’s starting to get more challenging now! Really like this game!!

  1. Ted

15 Free Willy

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  1. Happy feet

Good one, I was saving that as a moby dick try for when I run out of safe options :sweat_smile: free willy makes more sense


10 kung fu panda

  1. Runaway bride

Poor @Murdocku will have a lot to do when s/he’s back.

I think we still have these without a guess:

15 The adventures of Winnie the Pooh?

  1. Noah

Edit: Noo! Water for elephants!

21 Beauty and the beast

Oooooh! Good one! I was thinking of dancing movies :rofl:

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for some reason 20 I thought it was Cinderella.

Might be! Add it as a proper guess:-) makes a lot more sense than my answer! @Celoptra

26: The Wizard of Oz

(It’s an Australian Flag, not New Zealand)