What's the movie title?

Can you see the movie titles?
1 guess per post, and you cannot post 2 guesses in a row. There has to be a guess from another player first. Edited posts do not count.

WINNER: Sillsallad

9 points Sillsallad (3,5,7,11,12,13,14,18,25)
5 points CJR (2,6,9,23,27)
5 points Stephen (8,10,15,19,21)
4 points Celoptra (1,420,24)
3 points Chronocidal (16,22,26)
1 point Istvan_kiss (17)

How many can we guess at once?

Eh, good question. I think 1 at a time, and you have to wait for someone else to guess before you can guess again. No daily limit, as long as you take turns.


  1. Jungle Book
  1. The devil wears prada

Do we have to guess in the correct order or can we lick our numbers?

Edit: Pick our numbers.
Not deleting that typo, I’m a bit tipsy and it made me giggle

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  1. Slumdog Millionaire

I’m sorry, next time I’ll try to think about the rules better. No, just choose the number you feel you know.

EDIT: 1 point for Celoptra and 1 for SillSallad, 2 points for CJR.

Yes, you can lick any number you want.

Low-hanging fruit, but 22: The Lion King

  1. Finding Nemo

I want to assume 4 is Harry Potter. But I might be wrong.

  1. Titanic
  1. Planet of the Apes
  1. Blood Diamond
  1. Star wars
  1. Lady and the Tramp
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16: Apollo 13

Nooo, I wanted that one!

  1. Life of Pi

Not sure at all, but: 26. Lord of the Rings

1 point Celoptra, 2 points Chronocidal, 3 points CJR, 4 points Sillsallad.

Unfortunately, 26 is not Lord of the Rings, so no points for Weatherby