Whats the movie new edition

Crap. Markup text takes all starting numbers with a period as a numerical list no?



No. 02: Planet Of The Apes
No. 24: Rain Man

Edit: The poltergeist is named Markdown. I’ve seen this happen on Reddit: Markdown doesn’t care about the number at the start of a line if there’s a period (’.’) or a closing parentheses (’)’) after. It takes that entry as a numbered list, removes the number used, and creates a list. I think the version used here takes the first entry as the starting number and future entries as continuations.

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Thanks for the explanation, good to know!
Here are the results, I’m not at home, so will make my nice lists tonight/tomorrow.
Sillsallad: 21 (dances with wolves) and 32 correct.
Stephen: 23 and 49 correct.
Grondmaster: 2 wrong, 24 correct.
Bibliovore: 13 and 18 correct.
Maiabex: 7 and 25 correct.
Jonnie Madison: 47 and 56 correct.


I think I was in the right franchise but the wrong era. Correcting that.

I believe with that update we’re open for the next round of guesses? If so, here are my two:

No. 2: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
No. 12: Black Swan

No. 19 - Twelve Monkeys

34 it’s a mad mad mad mad world

28 ratatouille

41 scream

42 Casino

No 8 - Moby D!ck

17 - Aladdin
50 - Se7en

20 - Midnight Run
43 - The Notebook

Here we go again :smiley:

Grondmaster, 2 and 12 correct.
Jonnie_Madison, 19 correct. 8 wrong.
Stephen, 34 and 42 correct.
Sillsallad, 28 and 41 correct.
MaiaBex, 17 and 50 correct.
Bibliovore, 20 and 43 correct.

Next round of guessing is now opened.

EDIT: First post is updated with standings and correct guesses.

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53 the wolf of Wall street

55 three kings

No. 51: The Red Violin
No. 57: Ball of Fire

I’m starting to get into guess territory here…

10 - Backtrack (?)
44 - Air Force One (?)

11 - Taxi driver

14 Lethal weapon

39 - The Butterfly Effect
45 - The Pianist

And here are todays results:

Stephen: 53 and 55 right.
Grondmaster: 51 right, 57 wrong.
Bibliovore: 10 and 44 wrong.
Sillsallad: 11 and 14 right.
MaiaBex: 39 wrong, 45 right.

EDIT: Oops, 39 was wrong. Sorry MaiaBex