What's the Capital?

New game, what is this capital? The picture will be uploaded tonight, so if you have anything to say about the rules, you can. Rule change so everyone has a more fair chance (and OP has actual time to sleep) :slight_smile:


  • 2 guesses each day. I know we all live in different time zones, so just try to be reasonable. For reference, my timezone is +2 GMT.
  • your 2 Guesses can be made in 1 post, or in 2 different posts, no restrictions on that.
  • You can guess any number you want, just call the number and the capital in your post. (WRONG: 1 and 3 are Brussels and Amsterdam. RIGHT: 1 is Brussels, 3 is Amsterdam)
  • If you edit a post before I count, the post doesn’t count, and it costs you 1 guess of the day. (if your guesses of the day were before the edited post, no problem)

WINNER: Stephen

8 points Stephen (4,5,6,12,14,18,19,21)
6 points Sillsallad (1,3,15,17,23,29)
6 points RR8 (2,8,24,25,27,30)
5 points Weatherby (7,9,16,22,26)
3 points BlackCherry (11,13,28)
2 points CJR (10,20)


Our game master :star_struck:

I look forward to playing again.

And we are up and running. Good luck everyone!

Is 12 Tokyo and 18 Rome?

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I agree with Stephen on Tokio

My guesses:

  1. Canberra, Australia
  2. Rabat, Morocco

edit delete. I have no clue about countries’ capital

25 Munich?

We’re doing capitals, not countries this round :slight_smile:

sorry but I wouldn’t have any clues about capitals other then my own country at the least. Too bad one isn’t just a shoe, and a South Korean flag. I would know that one in a heart beat

Haha these rules are killing me! So many guesses are bubbling up in me!

< Insert cat wiggling gif >

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7: Bangkok
9. Moscow

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20: Oslo

12: Tokyo

24 Baghdad
25 Berlin

  1. Bridgetown

For some reason I cannot edit my original post. . . I’ll post scores here, and try to edit the original post tomorrow

Some right and some wrong answers.

Stephen: 12 and 18 correct
Sillsallad: 15 correct, 16 incorrect. 23 was well within a day so doesn’t count.
Celoptra: 25 incorrect
Weatherby: 7 and 9 correct
CJR: 20 correct, 12 was already guessed
RR8: 24 and 25 correct

2 points Stephen (12,18)
2 points Weatherby (7,9)
2 points RR8 (24,25)
1 points Sillsallad (15)
1 point CJR (20)

Whaaat? My first two guesses was last night and the one for 23 was this morning :sleepy:

4 Quito

Well, it’s been almost 24h now, so I’ll go again

  1. Bridgetown
  1. Rabat (number typo in my first round…)

Those are my daily twos