What's that song?

I fear this is one of those “oh, sure you know it. The singer was wearing blue!”, but I’m hoping someone might recognise it.

Many years ago I heard an extremely funny song, but I remember very little of the details. Ironically/funnily enough, the song was about having a bad memory.

Here’s what I do remember:

It was performed by a male American singer, and the song had a Country and Western vibe to it. He was playing the guitar, and the video was of him performing at an open air concert in front of an appreciative crowd. I can’t remember if he had a backing band or not.

Despite my jokey comment at the start, I don’t think he was wearing blue…

Here’s what I remember about the song:

He sings about his bad memory, and towards the end of the song, he sings about an angry telephone message (pretty sure it was from someone called Madeline), who says how he forgets about her, misses important dates, etc. The message implies it’s someone he is in a long term relationship or even married to her.

The message concludes with “I’m leaving you. Goodbye!”

The song pauses for a moment, and then he sings “the name seems kinda/kind of familiar…” and so on to the end.

Does anyone recognise it? Anyone with excellent Google skills fancy a challenge?

Got it! Remember Song by Tom Rush.

In this video, he’s wearing blue and the first name is Gwendolyn, not Madeline, but that was close enough. Despite all the details you gave, I wasn’t successful with Google and I tried with Youtube, in case I came across a song that would hint me to the right one, and I found it on my first try.

That’s a funny song, enjoy it again. :slight_smile:

EDIT: below are the lyrics.

I’m looking for my wallet and car keys
…Well they can’t have gone too far
Just as soon as I find my glasses
…I’m sure I’ll see just where they are.

Supposed to meet someone for lunch today,
…but I can’t remember where.
Or who it is that I am meeting
…it’s in my organizer some-where.

I might have left it on the counter,
Maybe outside in the car
The last time I remember driving,
Was to that memory enhancement seminar.

What’s that far off distant ringing,
And that strangely familiar tone?
Must be the person I am meeting,
Calling me on my brand new cordless telephone.

I might have left it under the covers,
Maybe outside on the lawn
And I’ve got just one more ring to go,
Before my answering machine kicks on.

Hi, this is Tom and your call means a lot to me,
So leave a message at the tone…
And I’ll do my best to try to remember
To call you back when I get home


Tom, this is Gwendolyn,
And I’m trying not to cry.
But I’ve been waiting here for over an hour,
I thought you loved me, this is goodbye.

Well… the voice sounds familiar,
…, and the name it rings a bell.
Let’s see now, where was I,
…Oh well.


That’s the one, thank you!

and he was wearing blue…