What's something you'd like to see on NAR?

Yeah they really, really split the room in the comments section. As @Stephen says the issue isn’t the title, it’s the fact that a good chunk of the NAR audience are used to a certain narrative style (i.e. stories with a start, middle and end) whereas the CFH audience are happy to just have a snippet of conversation that doesn’t go anywhere.

My thinking was that if there was a Not Always Clients / Professional / Hellish / whatever category for the CFH stories then it would be easier for people both to find and avoid them as preferences dictate. Just a thought!


If this is still open, I’d like a way to ‘favorite’ stories so I can come back to them later


I saw there’s a roundup for transgender people posted for pride month today. Something I recently found out is that june also is recognized for being men’s health month. Some sites say mental and others say general health. Could you do a roundup for that?


Hiya! We can definitely see if we have some good stories. We have limited time to put everything together though, but if we can make time, we’ll try!
We could also definitely create a thread here and work together to make something. :slight_smile:


" I’d like a way to ‘favorite’ stories so I can come back to them later"
I just have a ‘Favourites / Bookmarks’ file on my computer dedicated to these.

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There’s already a way to do this, if you have a disqus account.

  1. Scroll down to the comments.
  2. Click the heart above your profile picture.

Then to find your favourites:

  1. Click the little speech bubble next to your username (one line up from favourite button, right of the screen.
  2. At the bottom of the resulting screen, there’s a button that says “disqus home”
  3. From there, you want to click on your profile pic on the top right of the screen,
  4. This takes you to your profile, and you can click the “Favorites” tab to see your favourites.

Thanks for the assist, RebeccaBlue! :slight_smile:

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If you haven’t already can one of the mods start locking down the really old threads that came into existence before the automatic month-lock please? :+1:

Whew, that’s a tall order. When we have time for it we can! :wink:

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Would it be possible to acquire a second symbol besides the heart “Like” button please? There are a number of posts where one wants to offer their sympathies and support but having most of the forum “Like” someone’s pain just feels a little callous personally. I know that it’s just a button and that the support is acknowledged in the way originally intended but it would be a nice touch to have if possible.


About themed stories – can we please have some way of identifying which theme they belong to? Maybe a “this story was posted in the [name of theme] theme” message at the end?

  1. For example, this story does not belong to the current theme (“most satisfying comeuppance”), but neither to the previous one (IIRC, “customer lying to get what they want”). So what “theme” is this for?
  2. Without a way to tell what theme was active when, the tag is completely meaningless for any stories not published during the current theme.

On that, I’d be curious to learn the reason why there is a downvote function and how the editors actually intended for it to be used.

For example, there was a period where someone went through all the comments and downvoted any puns or gifs they found simply because they don’t like puns or gifs. That probably isn’t what the site architects had in mind but many of the uses seem to be similarly childish.

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I noticed recently that the ‘Inspirational’ category now just appears as a tag without the light blue formatting it used to. Was there a reason for that change and/or can it be put back?

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Hi! Okay, so I’m actually a little confused about what your ask is when you mention “themes”. Do you mind clarifying?

You know, there are “themed stories”? There is always a “question of the week” (at the moment, “Tell us about a bad customer who received the most satisfying comeuppance.”) at the right side of the NaR site and, I assume, stories submitted for that question get the “themed story” tag.

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OH I get it now! Apparently, there needs to be more caffeine in my body. So basically would you just want “Themed Story” or would it need to be more detailed like “Theme: Question of the Week” or something?

As it is, they get the “themed story” tag, which only tells us that these were published for some theme in the past. But, let’s take this story randomly as an example – you can’t tell what the theme was when this was posted. So I would like some kind of reminder, probably not in tags as that would create too many tags if each theme got a Themed Story: Name of Theme tag, but in the story itself, maybe at the end. “This story was posted in the Name of Theme theme” or something.


GOTCHA okay let’s see what we can do! :smiley:

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