What's common knowledge in your work/career/hobby that freaks other people out?

This could be something about the work or hobby, the way things are done, the tools used, etc.

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Doesnt freak people out but does confuse them.

When working with a mill, or a lathe, or even just a drill press. NEVER EVER wear gloves.

A spinning bit will cut your finger if you touch it. If you are wearing gloves it will grab them and take much of your finger off. Do not google “degloving”


I’ve heard/seen images of degloving. It’s not nice. Mind you, if I will watch 24 Hours In A&E…

A friend is a welder, and he never wears his wedding ring at work. I asked him why, because he does wear gloves, and got told “It can still burn you if any heat gets through”.

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  1. A lot of women poop while giving birth

  2. A lot of women think that a c-section is an easy way out of labor pains, when it is indeed major abdominal surgery and it will hurt you a lot, for a much longer time
    2.a The sound when they rip the woman open is…special

  3. Breast feeding is (or can be) a difficult process. It normally takes a few days until the milk comes, and when it does, it usually hurts. Then there is the sore nipples…babies gnawing…blocked milk ducts… and…and…and…


Mum still complains about her C-section that resulted in me! You’d have thought after 39 years, she’d have let it drop!


Cancer of the penis (resulting in amputation) is often caused by a sexually transmitted virus–HPV that passes through skin-to-skin contact so it’s possible for someone to contract this virus from receiving oral sex. Estimates are that 80% of sexually active adults in the U.S. have some form of HPV in their body somewhere but medical science can’t screen for the presence of the virus. We can only diagnose abnormal lesions once they appear. (HPV is also linked to mouth/throat cancer, cervical cancer and some colo-rectal cancers in addition to penile cancer).


I often creep people out who don’t know me well by knowing way more than I look like I should about poisons/toxins/etc. Reading about them is a hobby of mine. Only thinking about this at the moment because this morning I got onto the topic of asbestos with a friend of mine and ended up giving a mini lecture about how it affects the body. Admittedly not so much a specific fact as much as my weirdest hobby.


The thing that horrifies new people to the writing field - and especially scares even experienced writers? In order to be a writer, you have to actually write things. :stuck_out_tongue:

But while it’s more along the lines of existential horror than gross or dangerous things, there is a LOT of research needed in order to write. Especially historical fiction. Like, if you want to mention that someone is wearing pants, you need to research whether pants existed and were commonly worn by your character’s demographic in that time period. And then, if they did, you need to know the style of pants. If you want to say that the pants were a particular color, then you need to research the availability of dyes. You can’t say the pants were purple unless the person is really rich because purple dye used to be prohibitively expensive. IIRC, some countries actually banned wearing purple for the common folk because they wanted it to be exclusively for royalty. And even if the dye was available, would they have actually worn that color? Yellow dye was available in medieval England, but it was also associated with the devil, so would your character really wear devil pants? And this is for one detail of one sentence. A sentence that you may have to discard entirely if the answers in history don’t match the picture in your head. But you have to do it. Get the smallest detail wrong and people will jump all over you.

I really do not like writing historical fiction. And yet I have chosen to write one. One where many of the cultures involved were completely destroyed, no less. These are my consequences.


As a fanfiction writer, I heartily agree. When I was into Batman, I suddenly needed to learn about police procedures, evidence gathering, a bit about the legal system… Ditto for Daredevil. Now that I’m more into Once Upon A Time, it’s the historical fiction bit (for the Enchanted Forest parts, when I’m using characters who don’t have magic. Even some who do, since ‘All magic comes with a price’ and not everyone wants to pay it all the time…)


I’m working on two stories with a historical setting: one in the UK in 1972, the other in Eastern Europe in the 1890s. The historical era I had previously researched intensely was, of course… the late 18th/early 19th centuries, when I did historical reenacting. :roll_eyes:

To segue back to the original question, there was a demonstration I used to do that surprised even other reenactors. If you know what to do, it takes just seconds to light a candle with flint, steel, and tinder. Most people don’t expect it to be almost as quick as using a match.


An actual freaky one: rats can bulge their eyes out. It’s called boggling. They usually do this when they’re chewing on something and they’re happy.


My friend thinks it’s crazy as a copywriter that most of the time my name doesn’t go on what I write for a client. This is despite me telling her time and again that is why they pay me.