What word is that - let's play!

First in the Q for incorrect guesses!

“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€€€E€ T₩ €E ₩REE₩.”

Gee, how about G?

“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€€€E€ T₩ €E GREE₩.”

My body is a complete sentence you moronic, judgemental forum!

Beep! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€€€E€ T₩ BE GREE₩.”

Forum, your body is unclear.


“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€€€E€ T₩ BE GREEN.”

We have a word!

perhAps it’s Appropriate to Ask for a vowel



“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€O€E€ T₩ BE GREEN.”

One hit.

Dude, can you Deliver a D?

“T€E€ ₩ERE €€€€O€ED T₩ BE GREEN.”

One D, as requested.

Hello, H please?


HuH, there’s an H!

What “were supposed to be green”? I have no idea what “they” is, but I’m guessing it’s the wrong colour.

I’m guessing “they” is called Hugh

Is that a formal guess?

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Yeah… but let’s make it official:

They were supposed to be green

What’s that from?

It’s the colour of the paper hats at Lister’s restaurant on Fiji. One set of Catkind believed the hats were red, the other believed they were blue. There was a war.

Lister had intended the hats to be green.

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Time for a cryptic crossword puzzle clue, and the answer. Only pound signs and ampersands represent letters. All other punctuation is part of the puzzle

£££££££’£ £££££££££ ££ £££££ ££££: ££ ££ £££££££