What was the first Urban Legend you ever heard?

The first urban legend I ever heard was apparently the Hook stuck to the Car door handle. I didn’t hear the entire legend. But in the Arthur episode called “What Scared Sue Ellen?” the beginning of the episode is that Arthur, Sue Ellen, Buster and Binky are in the tree house and Binky is telling the story but he pulls out a book. Arthur says “I heard of this legend before and it’s suppose to be a hook not a book.” I learned years later as a 14 going on 15 year old the actually Hook legend -looking at Snopes UL was much more interesting then watching Trump’s The Apprentice that our teacher was obsessed with us watching when we weren’t doing work.

Bonus: It also gave me some information about other countries’ mythology. Like Japanese Kappas, or Russian(?) Babba Yagga or Irish(?) Banshee. The boy wizarding series got me more interested in Greek and Roman Mythology

I don’t know if it’s the first one I’ve heard, but the first one I remember is Click-Click-Slide. A woman who lost her legs in a car accident caused by a child running into the street, she now hates kids and goes around trying to murder them. The name comes from the fact that, having no legs, she gets around by using her fingers (and thus fingernails) to drag herself over the ground, and the sound that’s made is click, click, slide.

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cool one! I heard around Victorian times there was a disabled homeless boy whom had no legs but apparently he turned out to be a murder? But it might have been an earlier version of this legend…

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