What to call the racist teacher from B.C. Native Canadian stories?

Due to the other day story by the Native Canadian man who visited Disney parks with his in-laws including a Deaf Brother-in-law. I posted links to other stories by the same guy. And in one of the stories I linked to included the Racist teacher who caused the OP to be pulled out of school. as a child. But the story has the teacher and OP meeting with the former using a different name and OP being an adult.

In the original story I linked too (“Studious Eye. on who he meets.”) people in the comments kept calling the Teacher “preadator” or “pedohpile” Neither of those terms sounds remotley what the teacher is

A huamn predator would take advantage of someone-and basically try to do something like grooming them.

The other word means they want to get into bed with child,

The teacher wanted nothing to do with the child but be a racist abuser.