What smell, image, or sound instantly makes you nostalgic?

This could be related to a season, a person, a place, or a specific event.

A certain scent of fabric softener in the dryer.

It hits something deep-seated in the olfactory cortex, but I’m buggered if I can identify what it is.


A mated pair of Great Horned Owls calling back and forth: one (the female, which is larger) with a lower pitch than the other. Twenty-plus years ago, husband and I were amateur birdwatchers and we went out every evening for weeks to see, and listen to, a mated pair in our neighborhood. So hearing that again brings up a very specific time and place for both of us.


Those two notes from Soft Cell’s version of Tainted Love.

Every time i hear it, I’m transported back to a holiday camp on the Isle of Wight, in the entertainment lounge. I don’t remember much about the holiday, but i do remember a couple of tables had arcade games like Space Invaders built into them… so hi tech!

I have no idea if Tainted Love was playing at the time, or if it is just the BAH BAH sounds from the song that recreated sounds i heard on my holiday. Either way, the song evokes that memory, albeit a sketchy one.


The smell of a freshly baked brownie instantly brings me back to when I would spend weekends at my grandmother’s house. She taught me how to bake, and is the reason I love doing it.


This is so lovely.


Music to me is the most likely thing to bring me back to a place, like when the USS Titan showed up in Lower Decks, but they were playing the TNG theme in the background on its approach.

Or Spiderman No Way Home when Toby and Otto meet and they clip in the original theme from his run as Spiderman.

Fun fact? Toby, upon filming Spiderman No Way Home, was the same age as William Dafoe when he was cast as Osborne originally.


Any part of Girls Just Wanna have Fun. Takes me back to being a kid, and my first memory of watching the music vid on tv, and to bouncing around “dancing” as a lil girl.


So many things I could put here! Daffodils (as I mentioned in a recent post) and lilacs and irises all remind me of my Grandma D. She always had lots of flowers in her yard, and those were my favorites! Bib overalls remind me of my Grandpa D, since that was what he wore most of the time. The call of the whippoorwill reminds me of being a kid and spending the night at my grandparents’ houses – both sides of my grandparents lived out in the country and the whippoorwills were commonly heard in the evening at their houses. Old Spice aftershave will always remind me of my dad. Bolts of fabric remind me of my mom. She made me a lot of dresses and pajamas when I was a kid. There’s more, but I’ll stop. lol


Ocean City, NJ. My parents took us there when we were little. We’d go down with my paternal grandparents for two weeks. Every time I go there I bang on the light pole on the boardwalk in honor of my grandfather, which is what he would do. :slight_smile: