What’s your favorite scary movie?

With Halloween around the corner let’s talk scary movies or movies that you find scary. Personally I love the Final Destination franchise. :slight_smile:

I used to watch horror movies as a (way too young) kid with my older brother. Final destination has scarred me for life :rofl:

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I will stick to Disney movies thank you. I might try to Watch Pyscho and 1930s Frakenstien. But I’m not going to go watch the more gorier 80s movie (which is a bit ironic when you consider I use some of those images in my SimLit via poses- does anyone want to see?)

I loved horror movies until I started taking hormonal contraceptives. Those made me suuuuuper emotional and I couldn’t handle “the evilness of the world”. Even now, I’m really sensitive when it comes to scary movies.

I do like really suspenseful, scary movies where the atmosphere is the important part. Jump scares and plain gore isn’t my kind of thing.

So, if anyone got some got tips for my kind of horror movies, I’d be happy

Have you seen The Omen? I don’t recall any jump scares, but it sure was creepy!

Ignore all sequels and remakes… original is best.

The omen is great!

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Another good film is The Medusa Touch. Not your traditional sort of horror, but if The Omen and Final Destination is your thing (with creative deaths), then The Medusa Touch is worth checking out.

1978 film, with Richard Burton

The Exorcist. When I watched it at the insistence of my SWMBO, I brought the toaster with me and kept making toast to snack on. Scary moment coming and JUMP SCARE … would you like some toast honey?