What’s the worst boss experience you’ve ever had?

Everyone has had ‘that boss,’ so which one stands out to you as the very worst ever? Or, just a terrible experience with an otherwise okay boss.


Right out college I had a boss that was into experimenting with new ways of working. He always had some new plan he was trying out. Well one such experiment had to do with efficiently onboarding new hires to entry level positions. So one summer he hired three new college grads for three instances of a particular role. Each grad was given a different onboarding methodology to see what was most effective.

Grad 1) was given a week of very intensive training. They were micromanaged down to the smallest detail and trained on any particular issue. Just had every possible piece of information thrown at them as quick as possible

Grad 2) was given litte formal training but shadowed a more senior employee for about a month. They were glued to their mentors hip for the whole month and where to observe and learn

Grad 3) was told “good luck”

Can you guess who was Grad 3?


When I worked in a call centre, the supervisor insisted on having the window wide open at all times, even in the middle of winter!

She’d also go on and on about auditioning for Pop Idol, forced me to sing in front of everyone (she’d overheard me humming to myself before my shift started), and ended up getting fired for fraud.


I’d have to say my last job before this one at Appgrooves. The owner of the company was as bullheaded as they come and wouldn’t listen to reason. I worked there 2 years and went through 5 managers. So that shows how hard he was to get along with.


Hard to pick the worst experience, because I had 4 incidents with this moron.

I was working in an electronics store. Started in stockroom on weekends when the store opened, and when I went fulltime after almost a year, it was stockroom in weekends and servicedesk on weekdays.

1: trying to get home early on New Year’s Eve. Worked for a month on SD. There were 3 of us. I had a good reason (sick mom) and even made the deal with whoever made the schedule: if it’s calm, you can leave. However, boss decided that this was perfect time to clean up the mess (that THEY made before I joined) of the entire year. After about an hour of discussion, where ZERO customers came by, he finally let me go.

2: we had a meeting a few months after, because the department was ***. By then, stockroom fired 2 guys for stealing, so I was doing 60 hours a week, and skipping between the departments on weekdays. (Which meant changing clothes as well)
He made his opening, and I wanted to reply. He asked to let him finish, which I did. After he finished, I wanted to reply, but he kept talking over me. I asked him to let me finish, just like I did him. He didn’t listen, so I walked out, directly into the stockroom where the other guy directly happily wondered why I was back so soon. Don’t waste my time if I’m doing the store a HUGE favour!

3: after a vacation, I came to work at 9 for a 9 to 6 shift. Saw there they changed my hours to 12 to 9. I checked, and before my vacation it was really 9 to 6. No one informed me about the change and even if they did, it was the only evening in the week I had other things and NEVER worked that evening. I came in, told my boss about the change, that I would start right away. All good. Then I told him I would also leave early, included the reason why. He got pissed, and at some point even said: you’re screwing me into working 9 to 9. My response: that’s EXACTLY what you are trying to do with me. Deal with It. Also, 20 mins later, I gave my notice.

4: last day, I already didn’t give a dam. It was time for my dinner break. Some guy came in with an impossible request (exchange this camera I bought 5 months ago in a story in another country (ok, same chain) for a new one RIGHT NOW!). I couldn’t do that, he wanted my boss. He forced me to wait in the back while he was with customer. Then called me back to handle it. Customer was still not happy, so boss called again, this 4 times. And boss said things to customer he didn’t tell me, so in the end, I went to the back, pissed, telling him: if you tell him things without telling me, you can deal with him yourself. I’m going to eat now, bye.
Our breakdown could only be reached through the store, so I walked into the store with the moron behind me YELLING at me to come back. I kept walking. When coming back from dinner, he was still busy with this one customer.

Happy ending: people complained about that last thing. A few months later, he was let go, and that day was the straw for that decision. I however was offered his job (which I refused since I was already out of there).

Sorry for the very long story!


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