What’s cooking today?

Getting ready for Pi Day - we’ll be making chocolate pizzelles (round) which we will then turn into cones to fill with whipped cream.

Cooling off


Looks delicious. Save one for me!


Chocolate pudding pie for pi day! I’m beginning to think I should’ve baked two pie crusts, but leftover pudding is always welcome.


Okay, so I ended up baking that second crust and its a good thing I did. I still had a bowlful of extra pudding!


Pizzelle filled with whipped cream. Not elegant, but tasty!

Our Pi Day menu was a dinner of appetizers: a shrimp ring (torus), Swedish meatballs (spheres), bruschetta on french bread ovals, round crackers and little wedges of cheese (brie and processed cheese), and mini chicken pies. For dessert, the conical pizzelles and cherry pie from the store. (It was a great opportunity to clear out the freezer, I had bought a lot of this stuff for Christmas and just never got to it.)

The chocolate pizzelles were a huge success, but the recipe made 40! (It was only supposed to make 24.) I don’t know what to do with the leftovers.

Also, I like my grocery store’s Pi Day promotion.


Residents got to spin a wheel and pie administrative staff in the face. Activities made mini pies with residents. Dietary baked mini blueberry pies for staff. I ate just the blueberries out of mine.

Supper is miso soup with a mini tart for dessert.


Herby lamb chops getting started results to follow




Ooh, that looks tasty!


Tonight I made a Thai red curry!


I can’t have that unfortunately but it sounds tasty.

I made stir fry tonight for meals this whole week.


Sorry I lost the link people gave me awhile ago.

But what are some simple main dishes that I could make tomorrow if I can’t convince my parents to get Chinese food? I don’t really want to do a lot of work and I don’t know how to use my parents’ slow-cooker. I just know soup is out of the question after having it twice

and makin Asian food is Mom’s domain and a lot of recipes are Asian style food and that’s just makes me crave (Chinese resutrant) food more

Breakfast for dinner is a pretty quick and relatively cheap last minute dinner.

Some combination of
Buttermilk pancakes, hash browns, bacon, sausage, eggs.

Plus it can be a good way to learn some cooking skills and a good thing to know in case you ever live on your own.

Or a Shakshouka is a good easy dinner

I have 0 clue how to make pancakes. We never been much for um fresh breakfast food. ouside of my materneal’s grandparents. And we don’t have any bacon in the house. We might have sauages and hash browns though. I been wanting to try to see if I could make pancakes.

Not that I need to cook at all this week- I’,m able to have us order Chinese food for supper on Sunday.

and what is Shakshouka ?

Pancakes are really easy and just takes some basics it would definitely be a good thing to learn.

Shakshuka is an egg dish poached in a tomatoey sauce normally served with toast.

Thats a decent recipe but its more a type of dish than a recipe so you can swap alot of things out based on what you have on hand


Shakshuka is SO good and very simple.

Tried another of my supermarket app’s dishes, tagliatelle with a broccoli/zucchini “pesto”

Not a big fan of goat’s cheese, so I got feta instead. But…I forgot to use it :smiling_face_with_tear:


I’m getting my Chinese food on Sunday (My treat for Mom)- so supper tonight is whatever Mom’s making

and I’m looking up Nacchos recipes for one.

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One spicy peanut butter rameyon, with a peanut butter and stout tare. Topped with breaded fish, croutons, peanuts, sweetcorn, chili black beans and spring onions. Garlic oil for aroma.