What’s cooking today?

Thank you for the heads up. I’ll keep that in mind.


Okay, so I put the top chocolate layer on the cake.

As you can see, I didn’t quite mix the whipped cream evenly with the chocolate, so it was a bit blotchy. Still tasty though.

The chocolate layer was like a slightly runny chocolate frosting. I’m not sure why I was expecting anything different. However, if I make it again, I will probably leave out the whipped cream from the chocolate mixture, to make a firmer layer like the top of a Nanaimo bar.


My artistry knows no bounds, or talent, considering the lack of effort I put into my plating! Carrot, leek and potato hash, topped with broccoli cheese.


Looks gross. Sounds tasty. Far better than the reverse!


Homemade biscuits and gravy today, was supposed to work at 8, then it got moved to 12, so this happy human has time for comfort food breakfast!

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How do you make biscuits and gravy for us uncultured Europeans?


Hah! I usually cover up my biscuits in the cream gravy. Biscuits are also good warm with butter and honey or jam. Or a good fried egg and bacon or cheese sandwich.

(I don’t usually roll them out anymore, I just lightly shape them into a flat round and bake them. I’m not going for looks, I’m usually going for speed)

And its bake for 10ish mins or until light golden brown.

The fact that your biscuits dont have buttermilk, and your gravy doesnt have bacon/sauage breaks my (clogged) southern heart!

Biscuits and gravy is probably my favorite comfort food definitely going to have to make some this weekend now

I’m out of vinegar to make sour milk, and unfortunately I don’t keep buttermilk in my apartment. And bacon is expensive right now, and I’m picky about my sausage.

I’m only mostly Southern. :wink:

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Steak tacos with fresh cilantro, homemade corn salsa, and quick pickled onions and radishes


What’s cooking today? Nothing! Dishwasher is on the fritz, so we got enough takeout Chinese yesterday to last for a few days. That will cut down on the hand washing quite a bit. I’ll probably make pizza (from scratch) once the Chinese food runs out; I have a breadmaker pizza dough recipe that I like.

I still need to figure out how to make a thinner pizza crust though. I already dock it like crazy, using these handy tools to make lots of holes fast:

Anybody have some other tips for me?

Today is Stir-Up Sunday in the UK, five weeks before Christmas and the day that people traditionally make a Christmas cake or pudding.

I made a pudpud! I have no idea how it will turn out but I made it and it is currently hanging from its little gallows in the cupboard under the stairs. Also, never done it before…


I am attempting to cook a ham. I have no idea what I am doing or if it will taste good with the glaze I made (coconut sugar, maple syrup, and honey).

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I made mini cheesecakes for the church thanksgiving dinner tonight.


Verdict: Ham was tasty. Also, had a lot of ham so I froze some of it in vacuum bags.

I recommend the glaze I made because it is super easy (I also found it online). 1/2 cup coconut sugar, 2 tablespoons maple syrup, 2 tablespoons honey. Mix them together and spread some on the ham. While the ham is cooking (90 minutes), every 25 minutes add more glaze. It was sweet without being overly sweet.


Made two kinds of mini cheesecake today. Made pumpkin swirl ones and no bake pumpkin ones.


Turkey turned out lovely this evening!


That is a very photogenic bird!


I made a form of pork lo mein using a home chef kit I got from my local grocery store tonight. Only thing I changed was I added more sriracha because it wasn’t spicy enough. It was really good!

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