What’s cooking today?

Hasselback potatoes it is!

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I made them a few times, but they were too much hassle, not enough added flavour back. (Really!)

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Really? I think they’re pretty hassle free, just need a coat of butter added now and then after the first preparations.

I love them, we had them pretty often when I was a kid

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Taking them out every 20 minutes seems to be a faff to me. However I have a baked potato button on the microwave. I am going to try using that and see what happens.


To be continued…


Et voilà, classical hasselbackspotatis with pork tenderloin and a mixed sallad.
Unfortunately the potatoes broke while plating. Should have used my favorite spatula…


*licks screen

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Tonight’s supper did not include potatoes, cause I only discovered this thread while cooking. It did include chicken packets, well, that’s it beside a drink. Cooked chicken breast, cream cheese, and mrs. Dash. All chopped up and mixed then put on crescent roll dough and wrapped up and sealed before baking.

Very portable and good cold.

Also, Rozen, dunno if you’ll see this and I’m lazy tonight, but if you ever want my recipe for keto ice cream that’s less than 3 net carbs per serving, lemme know. I cook for a keto kid who eats less than 12 netcarbs a day for seizure control.

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Tonight I made Plan C for supper (even though it was Plan C at last minute-Mom kept changing the plan- it was going to be a summer salad, then it was going to be, Burgers, and then Plan C was spagetthi). Normally Spaghetti (Plan C) used to stress me out but today it didn’t and I have no idea why. Nor did I have to run around like a chicken with their head cut off because of rushing around near the end


We have been doing a different cuisine every Friday for the last few weeks. It started after we accidentally had a German night because the grocery store substituted bratwursts for the wieners I ordered. We have done Italian and Greek nights since then.

Tonight was Spain: garlic shrimp, pipirrana salad, chicken & chorizo paella, and Spanish flan. The goal is NOT “authenticity”, it’s just an excuse to do a 3-course dinner that’s a bit different from our usual. (For example, the flan was just an Oetker crème caramel mix.)

I was nervous about tonight, because the food was a bit outside of my cooking comfort zone; for the first time, I was making all untried dishes. However, it turned out well! DH loved the salad, my daughter ate some shrimp even though she doesn’t much care for shrimp’s texture, and we soaked up the garlic sauce with bread. The paella (made in my 5 kg cast iron frying pan that I rarely use) was very nice, and the “flan” turned out nicely. 10 out of 10, would definitely cook again!


Gambas al ajillo
Chicken & Chorizo Paella
Pipirrana salad
Fake flan


Maybe you’re getting more confident with the spaghetti? I hope that’s the reason!

I find it helps to spend some extra time organizing and measuring things before I begin the actual cooking. It really cuts down on last-minute stress.

no measuring in this family we just “shake, shake, shake” the stuff. I guess one thing which might have helped is when I was waiting for the water to boil I got myself organized for the last part- closing the cookbook, bringing out the croutons for the salad, and opening up the Casear salad dressing bottle

and another thing that might have helped is that I used the timer to help to remind me to stir when I was working on the salad

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I cook with feeling too!

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Those are all definitely helpful things to do! I use a timer for soooo many things— I even timed cooking the garlic for the shrimp, even though it was just 60 seconds.

I would encourage you to try measuring things. Then, if you get a good result, you will know the measurements to use to have another success!

Today I will write up recipe cards for everything I made yesterday, because I didn’t do it exactly the same as the original recipes. I used lots more tomato in the salad, for example, and half as much pepper in the paella. Then, when I make the recipes again, it will be the same as yesterday.

We don’t need to measure anything for spagetthi. And Mom doesn’t measure anything for her Korean food not that we need it this weekend since a certian someone’s b-day is on Monday

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Carmalized Plaintains:

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I was treated for my birthday dinner: Steak tartare followed by Cotes Du Bouef


ordering Chinese food for supper. And having leftovers on Thursday

Well we were going to be ordering Chinese food for dinner we’re ending up with pizza instead do to Chinese resturant being closed today. So i’m really, really, really upset about it. Pizza isn’t special like Chinese food is on my birthday.

I’m going to having to take a walk over there on Wednesday to make sure its actually open on Thursday which is my parents’ anniversary

We’re going to have to be checking every birthday to make sure the place is open from now on because this is the 2nd time this has happened

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Dill salmon with “root mash” and a mixed salad



Help, please!

A colleague gave me some quails eggs! I plan on having them tomorrow. Never had them before… any tips, please? I have 9 of them


Lunch from the last day of my holiday :slightly_smiling_face:

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