What other sites do you frequent that use disqus?

One of my favorites is

Dilbert has it, but unless I’m there early enough to make a pun, i tend to avoid it, as the majority vocal views there are (shudders) definitely not mine


Scott Adams’ vocal views are definitely not yours. He’s a big Mango Mussolini fan.

I use Disqus nowhere but NAR. Most other places I visit are discussion boards with their own software.


Agreed about Dilbert. Not sure if Adams’ open advocacy of Trump in the last 6+ years brought in that kind of crowd, but it certainly helped encourage/vocalize them.

Other Disqus-using sites I visit are Hungarian branches of two movie/gaming sites, IGN Hungary and GameStar Hungary.

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Ooh, I didn’t know about that site. I like it :grin:

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