What kind of roundups do you like best?

If you’ve read our roundups here at NAR, you’ve noticed that they tend to fall into three categories: well-known holidays (eg, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.), weird holidays and random subjects (eg, National Do Nothing Day, Squirrels, Redheads, Poetry Day, etc.), and specific customer types and interactions (eg, Liars Getting Caught, Demanding Refunds For Insane Reasons, Customers Overreacting, etc.).

What type do you like best? Are there any topics you would really like to see rounded up? (Keep in mind that we generally need at least ten stories to make a good roundup. My partner is a big “World Of Tanks” fan and asked for a roundup about tanks, but… we don’t see a lot of those around here, unfortunately!)

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For me it’s easy to look up some of stories when they’re in a round up. Due to the austic round up last year-when I remember an austic story-I;m able to find the austic round up read the story until I found the one I was looking for. Like I said-I’m the main “NAR archivist”


Honestly, my favourite roundups are Occasional. I find many of them to be quite willing to stretch the definition of the category and don’t believe that we need as many.

Do we have all these roundups because there’s not many stories being approved?


I apologise in advance, as I am pretty sure some of my personal preferences for a decent round-up are mutually exclusive or just extremely onerous on the person doing the compiling!

I don’t mind round-ups being a daily thing; I’ve noticed that the time they get released isn’t in replacement of a new story, so as I’m concerned you are more than welcome to keep producing them at whatever rate you wish.

I also don’t mind what the topic is, although a topic I have no real interest in (for example anime, gaming, D&D etc) I might not read straight away.

Ideally, the stories within the round-up need to be different from each other, or at least have something about them that sets them apart from each other enough to feel different. So a round-up of “I don’t work here” might be very tricky to do as they all more or less follow the same formula. Whereas a story about allergies has a fair amount of potential (customer faking allergy, worker disbelieving allergy, customer not realising strawberry yoghurt has strawberry in it, etc)

Also, it would be nice to have the round-ups to have a lot more of the older stories than recent ones. I don’t mind recent ones in the round ups, but those are still fresh in the mind; I’d prefer to get a blast of nostalgia. It might be best to make sure you have a lot more old than recent.

Don’t forget variety… sometimes we have stories that have been in more than one round-up (and not just those that have been in Best of Month or Year)

And I shall don a dirty tan trench coat to finish with

Oh, one more thing… it would be good if you could check the comment section of the stories you are selecting. It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally you select a story that has received a lot of, um… negative feedback. Including those in the round-ups just feels like trolling!

Just read back through my thoughts… yup, I’ve definitely created a lot more work for the person who has to implement them all. Sorry; feel free to ignore!


On-topic, I like all three listed categories, but if I have to choose one, I’ll go with the third one if we consider categories not covered by tags.

(Off-topic, as I saw @Stephen’s second to last paragraph and the preface to it, I immediately read that paragraph in Columbo’s Hungarian voice. :joy:)


The blunt answer is that roundups create pageviews! A lot of readers that haven’t been around for a long time just view the most recent stories, so bringing older stories to the forefront with roundups gives people a chance to read them, and maybe dive into the rest of our archives. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your very thorough feedback! That’s very helpful.


I’m not too particular about what types of roundups they are. Although it might be fun to have an oldie but goodie roundup for new visitors to the site to bring them up to date and also to help those of us who’ve been around a while to remember the old stories or see ones we don’t know existed.


I understand that and don’t begrudge the existence of round-ups. I suppose that my major gripe is that a lot of the categories seem to be rather reaching and, once the story has been read, I sometimes wonder what the story had to do with the round-up topic.

On a positive note, I would like to see a round-up of the lengthiest stories (similar ones to The Epic of the Impossible Store). Also, you could create a tab for round-ups if there isn’t one already.


Well, with 14000+ pages of stories, roundups to highlight old stories are certainly welcome. :smiley:


I ike themed ones rather than just the Monthly ones. Not necessarily holiday related, but for example Star Trek themed stories, or ones about service animals.

How about a roundup of stories about people who are blind or use canes for October? National White Cane month.


I agree with Stephen and I really liked the country themed roundups. It was nice to see the spread of stories from places besides the US, UK, Canada, Australia that make up the majority of the stories. Did we do South Africa? What about the Netherlands or Singapore?


Have we done an Office Gatekeeper/Tele-fails round-up?

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