What Happened to The Coworker from "When Coworker isn't working 2"?

So, the story from this post had a lot of people asking what had happened to my coworker after he was terminated from the lower valley.

Well I am sorry to say that that may disappoint some of you, but now that my entire BRANCH doesn’t exist anymore and the company I was with has been ousted from the valley as a whole while rapidly disintegrating in the State of Hawaii I feel comfortable sharing what happened to him. (We’ll call him Jack for this post).

Expanding on why Jack was removed from the Valley. . . this guy had a habit of feeding cats, the issue with that was that you cannot feed the cats in the valley because we have endangered native Hawaiian ducks there, the state forbids the feeding of any and all animals who may pose a threat to said ducks. Added to that he was feeding the cats INSIDE of tenant areas which was drawing the cat population onto our internal roads and into the spaces our tenants occupy. With them they bought poop and pee pee, not to mention the uneaten portion of the cat food that was being left everywhere.

The property manager put out, in the heaviest terms possible, that feeding the cats would result in stiff punishments.

He caught Jack doing it.

He asked if Jack was going to stop.

Jack said no to his face and then tried to fight him when he was presented with a write up.

A week later he was caught again and subsequently told to leave and never come back, report to the company for reassignment.

Being terminated from the valley wasn’t the end of Jack’s tenure in the company, he was transferred to another site, a shopping center, where he remained for about 2 years. His behavior was unaltered from his experience with us and he took the same arrogance and ignorance to that shopping center that he had come to our site with.

As you can guess it didn’t take him long to run afoul of the security manager there, his end at that site came when he encountered the PROPERTY OWNER without realizing it and started yelling at her for parking in a reserved stall (a property management stall). He had so little chill that he pretty much did himself in within the first few seconds but when she revealed who she was did he apologize? No, he lost his mind and started yelling at her more, from what I understand swearing was involved.

As our property manager had done before her she terminated his contract with the site.

Was that enough to get him fired?

No. . .

He was moved to another shopping center in the same town where they PROMOTED HIM to a shift leader. Allegedly he impressed the security supervisor at this new site and he volleyed to increase him in rank, the company agreed for some reason despite the fact that this guy had already been removed from 3 sites if you count the property before ours.

He remained her for 3 years, power tripping and thinking he ran the place. I don’t know how the supervisor handled it. . .

Well. . .there was another incident.

He got into an argument with a maintenance worker for the mall that had come in to do emergency work at night, normally facilities is not present past 4pm. Jack had been informed that this work was happening, but he forgot.

Thinking that this maintenance man was a. . .burglar even though he had the uniform on Jack cornered him in an electrical room and LOCKED HIM IN even though he was identifying himself. These electrical rooms are about as big as an elevator, narrow corridors lined with hot pipes and wires and Jack illegally detained this guy for an hour and a half until PD responded to his call.

This is where I lose track of Jack’s story, you see, my sources were the other Security Supervisors, we all used to talk. After this incident Jack was removed from our branch pending reassignment.

I checked on his Hawaii State Guard Card a few weeks later and found that it was no-longer valid.

Not only had the company terminated him but his license had either been revoked or forfeited. He is no longer able to work as a security guard in our state.

I hope I never meet another person like him again. . .



Literally all I can say to all this is just wow.

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I don’t even know how to justify this.

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Sometimes coworkers can get away with so much that it makes me wonder if they have dirt, (incriminating information), on someone higher up. I worked with a woman once who never did much but fix her makeup and yell at her kids on the phone. She attacked a coworker and the other coworker was fired for it! Turns out she had a long list of nightly shenanigans with corporate bosses, complete with pictures and video. It took the company going under for it to come out.

Glad you are rid of Jack. The company should have put their foot down a long time ago.

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