What does this SimLit picture look like?

I’m wondering what people think this SimLit picture looks like? I think it’s obviously but I want people to guess

It looks like college students studying. Maybe voting booths are blander in the great white north, but they’re much more heavily decorated when I’m from. Also more plastic. Those look like the study desks I saw in dorms and the library in college.

Well the 2nd one was more right. I don’t really have a lot of options for “covered desks” this is one of the few there is Sims 4. Everything else is just plain flat… or way too tall (I want to see the sims’ faces even though that’s unrealstic but hey my Simlit isn’t real based on reality when you have magic in the univerise )

If you add posters that say Vote or something, it would be more explicit what it is. I’m sure The Sims has a way to import those sorts of assets.

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Not really since the election is only in my head aka in the story There isn’t really anything which says “vote” in Simlish Or in any real-life language in the game or with CC. Not unless I want to wait months or years for such things for some CC creator to make it

A quick google search got me this website which teaches you how to add posters to The Sims 4. It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to whip something up in a paint program and put it in, and there were plenty of other tutorials on how to do it.

There’s also some banners/celebratory flag things I think? Not sure how many packs you have but I swear I remember them.

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Basically anything up to Island Living (I don’t have Moschino Pack, or My First Pet pack or the kits). But I think the banners are only in Club stuff from Get Together and I don’t think they come in Yellow or Orange.

That’s about screenshots not exactly the same thing as “writing” something on a Sims poster…

Ah, I use unlock cheats to get those

I’m sure that whatever steps are there about importing the image could be used to make a poster saying “Vote!” Or there were other tutorials.

Does city living not have political posters?

Not really since there isn’t any real elections in Sims 4 City Living. There are protest signs but they can only be used for protests.

Oof that’s annoying

I’m going to be testing something out after the parents and I go do an early poll for my province’s election. Hopefully it works…


Finally made it (I would like to have created an orange background but I can’t get everything) complete with Smlish

I’m pretending this is a Voting Poster It’s the closet I can make to one (complete with Simlish)


Not bad! Final Fantasy 14 has something similar to Simlish, so it wasn’t hard for me to turn the light bulb poster text into “Vote!” in my head.

Is it possible to put the study carrels further apart, or do they only come in pairs?

Remember, no posters promoting a particular party or candidate are allowed near the actual polling station. So the “Vote for Swanson” poster has to be in the subway or as a lawn sign or similar, not at the polling place.

Can you put her in a orange jacket or blouse, since you can’t change the background?

And good on you & your folks for voting!

(Note to non-Canadians: Orange is the colour of a certain Canadian political party.)

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Took me awhile to figure out how to use Sims 4 studio and Photoscape (I use Photoscape a LOT) to combine photos like the one in OP, and I’m going to have to redo the voting montage for chapter 6.18 of my Swanson Legacy with my new CC.) And no the desks- that’s what I’m using it’s not in pairs… it’s seperate but If I spread them too far apart I don’t think I wouldn’t be able to get both “faces” of the several voters into the picture… but I haven’t tried yet.

But the whole voting subplot came during my second attempt at my Swanson Legacy… (this is my fourth attempt at the same SimLit) because when Selene was a baby, I had her aunt Hailey write that day’s journal entry and I thought “hey it almost look like she’s voting!” .

I don’t think there’s an orange jacket but I’m not 100% sure but hey maybe I could figure out how to do a recolour maybe of a jacket

( She’s not that Canadian party but I’m using the Orange idea as to give context to where she is on the Political spectrum in my SimLit compared to the only rival whom is like a certain ex-Prime Minster before the current one mixed with the most recent ex-American President)

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Those look great.

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Sorry if I sounded nitpicky, but I’ve been a Deputy Returning Officer a couple of times, so I’m fairly familiar with the rules. (For example, voting stations must be separated a certain amount.)

However, it’s your world, so you get to use whatever rules you like!

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