What do you refer friends of friends as and they're starting to become your friends as well?

I’m been hanging out the last couple of weeks at mall (Dad drives me to a friend’s place, picks her up and then to the mall). I was my friend’s eyes in the stores for her shopping for her husband and son for Christmas presents. Anyway, I want to know what do you refer friends’ friend as whom are starting to become your friends? I seen them a couple of times before when we had birthday parties for Friend 1 or most recently Friend 1’s son’s birthday

I think it can depend on local (and friend-group-specific) culture, but… call them whatever feels right to you? When you think of the new person as also your friend you can call them your friend; before then, you could call them Friend 1’s friend, or simply their name (“I went to the mall yesterday with [Name]…”), or an acquaintance, or “a neat person I’m getting to know,” or whatever you like as long as it’s polite. :slight_smile:

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I usually use “friendly acquaintance” for people who aren’t friends yet, but I’d like us to be.


It’s a group of Friend 1’s and Friend 2’s friends who I know from (program) and some friends of one of the friends of my friends.

like I said I have until recently I had only seen these friendly acquaintances of Friend 1 and 2 at a restaurant for Friends’ birthday around the mall.