What could OP do with Foods Class food they couldn't eat?

Due to today’s Not Always Learning story

Some one doesn’t understand why for a Home Ecs class why you would need to eat whatever you prepared in class? I think mostly its kind of a “reward” for making your own food or something like that?

But the one commenter was suggesting giving it away-but OP did sort of give it away with one dish (ie her classmates in her group divided up her portion between them) and she’s got docked for not eating it and was told she had to eat the next week’s dish in the class.

And even if she wasn’t being docked for not eating the food- she had 2 other classes after that class so exactly when would she have time to deliver her portion to like a homeless person and still have time to get back for the next class? I don’t see the teacher driving her to the homeless shelter and back not without a lot of nagging about her “being a picky eater” and stuff

So what could OP do with food they couldn’t eat from the class?

They could have given it to a friend in their next class, or to a staff member. I remember one time in Home Ec, they actually had us make something (I think it was muffins or cupcakes) and take them around to other teachers, so they could have done that.

And frankly, I doubt a food kitchen or homeless shelter would have taken something like that. First off, each student would have one serving (maybe a bit more), which would not be worth the effort for the food kitchen/homeless shelter.

Second, they don’t know the student, so they don’t know how safe the food is (either maliciously doctored or unsafely prepared by accident are just as possible as safe, sadly) and also, even if they do know the student, they probably have protocols that they need to follow for non-factory sealed food, and they don’t have any way to confirm that the food was prepared to meet their requirements.


I’d probably suggest giving it to a friend or a teacher they actually liked.

It seems a little impractical to donate prepared or just-cooked food to a homeless shelter, surely the best course of action would be to donate ingredients, especially non-perishable ones that can be stored until needed.

I don’t think there is a solution, nor is there an actual problem outside of the teacher. Food from a home economics class is not enough to make a dent in hunger statistics and is not a massive source of food waste. The solution is to let OP toss the food into the trash, even if the teacher is a monster.


In the story with first cooking mentioned in the story that OP’s group mates dived Op’s portion between them and in the next class which they had to cook, the teacher basically bullied OP into eating something which made “The Evil” very bad or else they would have an even more docked grade if they kept “skipping out eating what they made because they’re picky” according to the Evilz teacher.

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