What Classic movies have you watched?

I’m wonder what classic movies have you guys watched? I have watched the original Planet of the Apes with Charles Heston. I have also watched 2001: A Space Oddesy (I’m afraid I can’t do that Dave"- did you know the voice of HAL was by a Canadian?) and it’s sequel 2010. I also seen Charles Heston’s Ben Hur. Also Dr. Zhivago. I’m going to rewatch Gone with the Wind at some point since I only seen it once on an aiplane. I have watched the original West Side Story. I also seen the movie My Fair Lady.

I have some others movies to watch once I can find my movie list again or rewrite it again. I think Solyvent Green It’s made of people! is on that list I believe.

Not a classic or at least I don’t think it is… is Heston’s The Omega Man movie. Based off the book called I am Legend. I think Will Smith or someone started in a more recent remake of it? I also watched another movie but I can’t remember the name of the movie at all…but about “The most Dangerous Game”. (1932…).

I’ve also seen the original Planet of the Apes; my grandfather let me borrow his VHS tapes when I was a kid. I’d really like to rewatch it, I’m not sure if he still has the tapes though.

What do you consider to be classics? Just a certain age, or popular films, etc? Honestly I’m struggling to come up with anything just because the type of movie I watch doesn’t usually fit lol. I’ve seen To Kill A Mockingbird for class. It’s not a classic, but based on a classic book, I’ve watched The Giver when I was in that phase.

I’m not sure what is a classic is to me. Most of the Classic movies I have watched are recommendations from my parents. I forgot to mention To Killing a Mockingbird in my OP but I watched that too. I think maybe a bit of both a popular film or a certain age (anything pre-1990s) so like E.T. and BTF could count maybe?

Here are some I can think of I’ve seen

Wizard of Oz
The Ten Commandments
Gone with the Wind
Rosemarys baby

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What would a classic movie be to me? Good question.

The Sound of Music
Twelve Angry Men
My Fair Lady
Muppet Treasure Island
Henry V (Branagh)
Dead Poets’ Society

I seen Wizard of Oz. I forgot to mention Citizen Kane as well in my OP.

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I seen the The Sound of Music, and Twelve Angry Men movie

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Witness for the Prosecution, with Charles Laughton, Marlene Dietrich and Elsa Lanchester is absolutely perfect. There have been many remakes, but that version is the best.

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I’m guessing autocarrot changed Prosecution to Protection!

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This is a hard question to answer, because we all have a different definition of a classic movie. I asked google, and counted how many of google’s “most popular classic movies” I’ve seen. More than I expected!

A lot of them have been mentioned before, so I’ll just name a few other ones from the list:

  • One Flew Kver The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Psycho
  • Pulp Fiction
  • The Godfather
  • Jaws
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • The Shining
  • Schindler’s List

These are obviously sort of mainstream classics though. And it makes me feel old that they are classified as classics already :woman_facepalming:

I only happened to have watched The Shawshank Redemption the other summer pre-Covid due to the fact my older computer wasn’t cooperating with me.

Note: I do also count Jurassic park as a classic even though that was in the 1990s)

Whoops! Etided now…

Ooh I’ve always liked that one (Agatha Christie is the best!)

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I seen Citizen Kane. I forgot to mention that earlier.

I lost my list of movies my parent(s) have recommended to me. But I know I crossed two of them off the list. Planet of the Apes and Ben Hur. I do know Mom has recommended to me “Meet Me In St.Louis” and also “Victor, Victoria”. I know when we were in Heidelberg*, Germany they kept going on&on&on about some movie called Prince of Heidelberg (Now, its called the Student Prince if they’re talking about the 54 movie but the movies is supposedly set in Heidelberg).

*I think it was either Heidelberg, Germany or another town that Mom got us “Lost” in…

I know on the list is Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is great, saw that again about a year ago.

I wonder how well some of the gender-bending movies have aged. Victor, Victoria; Tootsie; Mrs Doubtfire might look a bit different in the light of our modern perspective on transgender. But maybe they are fine, I haven’t seen any of them in ages.

I did start watching like the opening credits of it but then I got simstracted (aca distracted with the Sims) with my SimLit.

My Dad recommended another movie… about a conquer today on our walk. I think it was called EL Sid (ok correction- El Cid)

I only heard of the later two reputations. But apparently Mom has seen Victor, Victoria movie which is why she recommended it to me. I guess an early gender-bending movie was “Some Like it Hot” I think Marilyn Monroe was in it?

Don’t forget Junior where Arnold gets pregnant.

I just realized I forgot the Jane Eyre 1940s(?) movie since the actor whom plays Samantha’s mother in Bewitched played Jane’s aunt in the movie.