What are you currently reading or watching? (new)

I have this book but haven’t read it yet…
There is just not enough time in the day to read/watch everything I would like to…

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My parents and I watched Three Wisemen and a Baby last night on Hallmark. Cute movie and it’s on tonight if you are interested.

I’m just learned of a new “classic” movie to add to my watch list: Dead on Arrival. I only know about it because tonight’s Murdoch Mysteries eposide had the same plot with a happier ending

Watching Disenchanted.


I am curious - let us know what you think when finished.

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Mrs Toaster and I watched Disenchanted at the weekend and whilst we both enjoyed it she did say that its songs weren’t as memorable as those in Enchanted.


I’m 2/3 of the way through it and whilst I’m enjoying it, it feels more like a Cosmere novel than part of the Mistborn series. It reads a bit like a cross-over although it isn’t really. I can’t explain it any better without going into spoiler territory.

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SWMBO and I also watched Disenchanted at the weekend. The verdict was “Better than expected, albeit we weren’t expecting very much.”


I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once last night. It was BRILLIANT!

Very strong performances from everyone, with an imaginative use of weird multi-verses. And yet despite the potentially confusing plot, it was simple to follow because it centred around a story that will resonate with pretty much everybody everywhere.

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I enjoyed it. I liked how Giselle became the evil stepmother. it was a fun sequel.

Been -told- about the fate of my favorite Forgotten Realms hero, and how the series has rebounds sharply after a rough triology. So tomorrow I’m going to be ordering/buying the next in the series and get back into it.

Any recommendations for a good podcast? Any topics are good bar literature or film analysis, I don’t do Harry Potter or other fandoms. Just finishing The Dream (S1: Investigation into MLMs, S2: Investigation into the Wellness industry). Watched True Crime podcasts on YouTube but more audio orientated would be great.

The only one I really listen to is David Tennant Does A Podcast, where he interviews various people, who are not always entertainment related. Mind you, the George Takei one is worth a listen - he discusses his childhood as a Japanese person in America during WW2.

I think you can also get Desert Island Discs as a podcast on BBC Sounds.

Husband says he’d recommend The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC Sounds again). It discusses scientific and intellectual things in an entertaining and comedic way. Guests have included the likes of Dave Gorman and Dara O’Briain.

The BBC has an excellent selection of podcasts; my particular favourites are on their Comedy Podcasts page. These are all audio only, bar one or two exceptions.

Within that are two excellent series, one on Science and the other on History.

The Infinite Monkey Cage is hosted by Professor Brian Cox (of D-Ream fame) and comedian and philosophy nut Robin Ince. Each episode covers a different aspect of science. They will have three guests, two will be experts in that field, and one will be a comedian who may or may not have any understanding.

Past topics have included black holes, why flies are great, are we living in a simulation, artificial intelligence, driving at supersonic speeds and UFOs.

However, if history is more your thing, then You’re Dead to Me might be what you want. It’s a similar format to Monkey Cage, but without a studio audience. It’s hosted by Greg Jenner, a public historian and past writer on the successful children’s tv series Horrible Histories.

Each episode covers a different aspect of history, be it an individual like PT Barnham, Mary Wollenscraft or Julius Caesar, or a period in history, like the neolithic or early democracy in Greece, or it might be how something has changed over time, like the history of ice cream, high heels or fandom.

Greg is joined by two guests: one is a historian who is an expert in that field, and the other is a comedian who may have a connection to the topic, even if they know nothing about it.

Tell your husband he has excellent taste!

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I’m watching Wednesday on Netflix. It’s pretty interesting. I like it.

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Behind the Bastards is an excellent and well researched look into the lives of history’s worst people. Topics include dictators, fake bleach doctors, secretaries of state and colonialism. Despite the dark subject matter, the host used to write for Cracked before it imploded so it’s generally funny as well. My only caveat is that while I t’s not about politics and Robert is just as happy to go after Stalin as he is Hitler, but it is easy to tell where his politics lie so if you’re trying to avoid that maybe give it a pass.