What are you currently reading or watching? (new)

I read the first book following from a recommendation from a friend who attends a Queer Book group. I don’t know about later volumes but Gideon wasn’t “porny” if thats your worry, it just so happens that some of the core characters are openly not straight.

The books are about complicated and messed-up relationships, ancient mysteries, and strange magic (which happens to be necromancy).

They’re complex and intricately plotted, but each is seen from the perspective of a main character with strong opinions and some bias.

I really hate the soundbite description everyone uses, it really sells them short.

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I didnt like the advertisement for Gideon too much. It all read like “LESBIAN space witches that are LESBIAN. Did we mention they were LESBIAN”. It was like they were trying to see how many times they could fit the word “lesbian” into a description. It made it sound like it was going to be a very romance/sexual focused. Which it really wasnt.

The book was good (I enjoyed Harrow less personally) but the advertising for the book was odd to me.

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Well, I still don’t know what it’s about but that’s a better sales pitch than the one the publisher used.

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and $80/year is still expensive. I’m not paying for watching movies on substriction site, when I can just watch the movie for free online.

Pirate* the movie online


Where you spend your money (or don’t spend in this case) is your own business. But let’s not sugar coat it: if you are watching new movies/shows online weeks after they came out on the streaming services you are pirating them.


Ah, if it’s a back-of-the-cover type synopsis you want:

“In a far Gothic future, the Emperor and Necrolord Prime seeks to raise up a new member of his inner circle. Each of the eight great Houses sends a Necromancer and a Cavalier to take the unknown test.

Gideon, unwilling soldier of the Ninth House, knows where the bodies are buried; quite literally. But as she and her despised Lady Harrow explore the perilous catacombs of the ancient First House, they begin to realise that they are not the only ones hiding secrets; and the secrets of the Emperor and his circle may be even more deadly than their own…”


Even ‘pirate’ is softening it. Watching or listening to content for free is basically stealing. Those who went to the effort and expense of making it charge money for it, and you’re refusing to pay.

Sometimes there are good reasons why people might do that, and I’m not going to tell you you’re a bad person. But be honest with yourself about what you’re doing when you make the choice.


Yeah, something like that. I haven’t even been able to get something as simple as (Spoilers for a 30 year old book) “A down on his luck hacker/pizza delivery driver and a skateboard messenger team up to stop a virus” description out of anyone before this. I still have a massive to be read pile before I get to it, but now I can at least consider adding the Ninth books to it.

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I know it’s illegal but I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. And I think a lot of others also don’t have the money for that either.

For those whom are aware please remember what I have said recently about my parents? Especially my Dad being a cheap. He doesn’t even want to buy blocks of cheese since before Jan 1st, 2022. So Mom and I have to buy cheese blocks instead when we’re run short. Why else do you think since 2019 I been looking for Steam cards for? There isn’t as far to my knowledge a Disney+ gift card yet, I do know there’s one for Netflix though. Also I can’t use my bank card online to avoid “impulse buying”

I’m assuming that I could probably get a refund from (funding refund program) if I watched the movie in theatres (since movies probably count as “community activities”) but I can’t get a refunded for an $80+ streaming service. If I had gotten onto (Support program) and (funding program) prior to 2019, when the first part of Covid hit, I could have gotten at least 1 subscription service with their help, but now I can’t because people are acting like Covid is over

I also think I would have to buy at least 2 if not more subscription sites, like Disney+ for Disney movies (like Disenchanted/Hocus Pocus) and another site for classics, like Singing in the Rain/Prince of Hediburg/Lawrence of Arabia. And maybe another site to be able to watch old Star Trek episodes from everything from TS:OG, to TS:Voyager

All that would add up to being really expensive

Now could we please get back to the topic on hand? We gotten REALLY off-topic

Yes budgeting is a thing all adults have to do it is not a unique challenge you face.


It’s not about budgeting. Budgeting has nothing to do with the problem. It’s the fact I can’t and even $80/year subscription is expensive. I could go see a movie in a theatre a lot more easily then I can buy a subscription to something like Disney+ Especially if it was a Cinplex where I could get points where I could use them to buy something for free (like drinks/snacks).

And as I already said, that I would have to buy TWO subscriptions to two different websites one for Disney movies like Disenchanted, which is $80/year and then another one for classic movies like Singing in the Rain/Prince of Heidelberg/Lawrence of Arabia/Solyvent Green/ OG Blade Runner and that cost about $168/year. That doesn’t even count, watching old Star Trek shows as well

Conversation is OVER now.

I do want to find out what is going on with Giselle acting like a evil step-mother in Disenchanted according to the trailer

Or you could do without some of those things.

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I’m not having a go but it’s interesting how people’s mind work when it comes to video piracy.

You wouldn’t walk into a shop, pick up a DVD boxset and expect people to accept that it’s ok for you to steal it because you really wanted to watch it and couldn’t afford to buy it. However many people genuinely don’t see a moral issue with stealing a digital copy.


Most of the time, I think it’s because a) they don’t understand copyright laws, but b) there is no face-to-face victim, therefore no one is getting hurt, therefore no crime.


Hey guys, we got off-topic! Let’s make sure we get back to the subject at hand.

I’m a huge fan of animal shows, and I’m currently re-watching The Incredible Dr. Pol. He reminds me of my super-German grandmother, and even when it’s sad the vets are so enjoyable to watch. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m on my second-watch-thru and will need new material soon!

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Oh that totally reminds me, one of the movies my parents want me to try to see is, a horror movie, one of the early ones, the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

movies my parents want me to watch:
That movie
Blade Runner (OG)
Lawrence of Arabia
Solvent Green (only because I have a T-shirt of the spoiler)
Student Prince of Heidelberg
Singing in the Rain

movies I have watch:
2001: A space Oddesy
It’s sequel,
Planet of Apes (OG)
Ben Hur
Omega man

when I was a teen Dad had me watch Forbidden Planet

Just got an order update to say this is being processed and should be with me next week.



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