What are you currently reading or watching? (new)

The previous thread been closed and I been wanting to talk about the books I been reading.

The current book series I’m reading when during Cubii is quiet interesting. its about an invisible library which is incorrected with more then gillion different worlds (all of which are all different) and that they have their librarians (whom have their own language which can affect stuff and people), to go to these words and get specific books in regards to that particular world. Oh and there are Faes which are basically something like drama method actors but without the theatre part or you could say the world IS the Faes’ theatre depending on which world you’re in, and there are also dragons (based on the East Asian dragons-including the Irene’s ((the main character)) Librarian apprentice, Kai) also involved and there is an internal conflict because the Faes (drama and unreality) and the dragons (law and order and reality).

In Dad’s car I’m reading a different book, “The 100 Mistakes Which Changed History”. It’s quiet interesting perspective of the various mistaken which been made. And one of the last ones I read today apparently I recognized the name of the said war (when it was finally mentioned) from my Uncle’s book

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I just finished Red, White, and Royal Blue. It’s a queer romance between a prince of England and the son of the POTUS (all characters fictional, except maybe Queen Elizabeth, as the queen is just referred to as the grandmother of the prince). I read it because a friend recommended it to our group and every other person who read it was obsessed, but to me it was good but not amazing.

I’m also currently rewatching Santa Clarita Diet (comedy zombie romance show), and am about to start the next book in the Unwanteds Quests series.


I’m revisiting some old friends: the City Watch books from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

Currently: Jingo


I’m currently reading Spillover by David Quammen which is all about various zoonotic diseases (diseases humans can catch from animals) and the epidemics they’ve caused. The book was published in 2012 and it’s honestly pretty wild reading about Quammen’s predictions of a likely inevitable zoonotic pandemic now that we’re living in that zoonotic pandemic…

The book also has a whole chapter about ebolaviruses and, again, this book came out only a couple of years before the international Ebola scare that started in 2014. It brings up an expedition in 1979 of some ebolavirus researchers having to tag along with a Monkeypox(!) research expedition because they couldn’t get enough funding for their own. Funny how things tend to come full circle, isn’t it?


Re-re-rewatching Star Gate SG1 from scratch. This gives me a chance to record the missing first season.

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I am re-reading the Iron Druid series and just finished watching this week’s episode of She-Hulk. I think I am about to start S02 of the Capture now

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I’m reading Feet of Clay for the first time now (or I was until school got in the way the last two weeks)

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Re listening to Sapiens while I walk but just started mistborn.

I like to keep a “learn something” scientific book and a just for fun novel going.

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Rewatching Hocus Pocus for when the sequel comes out next week.

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I’m going to have to wait for that movie (and Disenchanted) to get uploaded to another site so I can watch it without having to pay for an $8/month subscription


Are you waiting for a legal site or are you going to pirate it?

I’m reading book five of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shadows of the Apt and watching the newest episode of Harley Quinn

Using the same website I watch other stuff for free like Encanto or the MCU movies last year (which I still need to get caught up on, same for TV Star Trek: OG ). or rewatching Downton Abbey TV show. Last year, the Encanto movie, was up a week or two before Christmas, or something like that on the site.

My parents don’t want to be paying for $8/month or up to $188/year for Disney+ . And Dad’s already paying for Amazon account so he can watch or try to watch movies w/ Amazon Prime, -so he really wouldn’t want to be paying for another movie site subscription.

Disney+ is $80 a year. And using the same website to pirate things doesn’t make it not pirating it. If it’s a legit website, let us know which one. If it’s not a legit website, fine but understand that you’re pirating it.


I am reading Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories series.
It’s not really that good in my opinion, but once I start a series I have to read all of it. Hopefully it gets better after the 3rd book.

I’m currently rereading Gideon the Ninth. I will follow that up with Harrow the Ninth, and then I will have been reminded of everything I need to make sense of the recently released Nona the Ninth.

Meantime, my next English Literature module is starting in a week or two, so I’ve reread Northern Lights for that and have downloaded Treasure Island and Tom’s Midnight Garden. Guess what the subject of the module is :wink:

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I read Gideon the Ninth last year, is Harrow as good?

It depends which parts of Gideon you enjoyed most.

It’s just as well written, but Harrow obviously has a rather different inner voice, psyche and perspective. The book is a bit more complex and gets into what is Really Going On, and you need to remember a lot from Gideon.

Interesting, I might re-read Gideon and take a view then. Thanks.

I do a re-listen of World War Z at least once a year. The audiobook is so packed with famous voice actors and it’s just such a fascinating book for some reason.
She-Hulk is a great show! I love it so much.
A Court of Throrns and Roses is fun as well.

I keep hearing that those are good, but when I ask what they’re about I just get “Lesbian space vampires with zombies.” Which doesn’t make me not want to read them but also isn’t a great description to draw me in.