What am I thinking of?

If it helps I meant an EU Organisation such as the European Commission or similar.

Is this Norwegian gentleman a NATO organisation representative?

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Yes, indeed

Are they an active diplomat?

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I’d say yes. His job definitely requires skills in diplomacy and he did win a “Diplomat of the Year” award few years ago - but it is not his official job title.


  • NATO
  • Norwegian
  • Politician

That should be more than enough for google to handle :wink:

Jens Stoltenburg?

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Yes, it’s Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO.


I’m thinking of a song.

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Thinking of a recent story is it “Who ate all the pies?”

No! Definitely not.

Is the song more than 20 years old?

Has it been used as a football chant?

Yes to both.

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Is it Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train by any chance?

(It’s a popular one for Gridiron Football, over here at least).

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No. I have no idea about that version :smiley_cat:

Is it “She’ll be coming round the mountain”?

(For those interested the football chant I know for that song is “Have you ever seen a Mackem punch a horse?”)


Just to confirm, football means the game where you kick a round ball with your foot and not rugby with body armour?


Of course it does! I’m talking association football (or soccer to Americans). :smile_cat:

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Is it a song used for an international tournament’s England theme song?

Not that I know of.