What am I thinking of?

Creation of the constitutional monarchy?

Not that. I’ll give a further hint - it’s not (usually) political that I’m aware of.

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First modern Olympics!

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hands @CJR a gold medal


I am thinking of a place…

Is it on Earth?



Is it in the Northern Hemisphere?

It is.

Is it in Europe?

Is it a town/city/village?

Yes to both, although there are a few places across the world (and a few not in this world) that share its name.

Is it a country where English is a commonly-used or native language? (trying to narrow it down.)

Is it important in a world religion?


The place I am thinking of is not in a majority English speaking country (although I am willing to be corrected). However, there IS a place of the same name in a majority English speaking country.


The physical place on Earth isn’t important to a major religious movement to my knowledge. However, this place in general IS very important in at least one major religious movement.

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Is it Heaven? :smile:

I’m sure there are plenty of places called that

The physical heaven isn’t that important, the abstract one is

It isn’t Heaven but…

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Yes, but which particular Hell?

The Norwegian one?

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