What am I thinking of?

All right, I’m thinking of a person.

Come on, @Stephen , it’s your game. Start me out here.

(Had to go to work…)

Is this person alive?

No, they are not alive.


Yes, he was male.

Was he alive at any point in the last 100 years?

Nope. Since I’m falling asleep, I’ll narrow it down just a bit more: He died in the 19th century.

Is he European?

Did he rule a nation?

Was he murdered?

He was not European, he did rule a nation, and he was murdered.

Was he American?

Yes, he was American.

He’s not Abraham Lincoln, is he?

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We have a winner! Abraham Lincoln is the correct answer.

I’m glad you guessed because the edge of Hurricane Ian may knock out the power to my area soon and I wouldn’t have wanted to disappear mid-game.

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Keep yourself safe!

Right, I’m thinking of another person.

Are they alive?

They are very alive.

Is this person a prick?

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Not in the slightest! I’ve never heard or read anyone who’s worked with them saying anything bad about this person.