Werid question..how do you know if an item at a restaurant is seasonal?

As the title says how do you know if an item at a restaurant is seasonal? I never been (yet) to a certain restaurant (Pickle Barrel). Some friends of a friend want me to join them for birthday party on March 5th. I know that sometime before Christmas they had hot dogs since I saw a picture of it. But I’m looking at both their main website as well as a delivery app. (The one delivery app does show the other thing meatloaf I saw a picture of).

I’m making two plans 1 is if I’m able to go to Pickle Barrel If not I will go to either fast food restaurant of either Burger King or Canadian A&W to get myself a fast food lunch instead.

But my question still is How do you if an item is seasonal?

What kind of seasonal do you mean?

There’s the restaurant seasonal dish, like only serving a particular dish for a short period of time. This info is usually found on their website/flyers/coupons or stuff like that. Example: McTaco is a reoccuring thing in (Swedish) McDonald’s

Then there are seasonal ingredients, resturants cook with whatever is ripe/reaped etc at that time. Usually for a pretty short period and on special menus at the location. If you’re unsure if they offer anything like this, it’s probably easier to call and ask. Probably only affects “real” restaurants and not fast food places

I never been (yet) to the Pickle Barrel. But depending on the situation by March 5th. I might be able to go. And the Pickle Barrel is the opposite of fast food. It’s a slow food restaurant or like you said a “real” restaurant like Red Lobster or Applebee’s or Olive Garden.

A friend or some friends of my friend were at the Pickle Barrel restaurant sometime before Christmas and showed us pictures of both of a very long hot dog and the restaurant’s meatloaf.

Where did I imply that the Pickle Barrell was a fast food restaurant? The fast food plans are only if I’m can’t go (on my parents’ wishes) to the “real” or slow-food restaurant with the mentioned friends.

I can find on all three delivery sites the restaurant’s meatloaf but there’s no metnion anywhere (not even on the restaurant itself website menu) of hot dogs. So I’m thinking it’s a seasonal item even if Nov/Dec might be a bit late for hot dogs.

So again, how can you tell if a item is seasonal?

nvm- turned out I found the hotdogs after all, I didn’t look all the way under Pasta and specialties. I stopped looking in that section after I saw the words “shrimp” and “pasta”

You didn’t, I never claimed that. I used to examples to try to explain my two interpretations of seasonal.

Glad you found it.

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