Were we unreasonable?

A few years ago, pre COVID, my mil and I were returning home from somewhere. The road we were on had a left lane merging into the right so we had the right of way. All of the sudden this car merges into our lane and all but forces us off the road. Here’s the kicker - it was a car driven by an Allstate insurance agent. My mil was driving so I snapped a pic of the drivers license plate and she sent it in to customer service.

It was our word against hers. We didn’t have a dashcam so we couldn’t record it. Were we wrong?


Not wrong at all. I would have done the same plus considered alerting the police.


Depends how you knew they worked for All State. If it was a company car with company branding you were 100% in the right. If it was not a companh vehicle and you found out who they worked for some other way its a little more fuzzy.


It said right on the car. I scratched out the license plate for purposes of this photo but the one we sent was unedited.

Other driver: Learn to drive, and learn you’re not alone in this road!
You were not unreasonable at all.


Nope. If they are driving a company branded vehicle then they represent the company whenever they are in it, even if they are off the clock and I see absolutely nothing wrong in reporting them to their employer for nearly causing a road traffic incident.


My partner has called on at least 2 people who have cut me off in company vans while we were driving somewhere. Totally agree that was appropriate.

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