We usually edit out the "and everyone clapped" endings - but sometimes it happens for real:

As a NAR editor, I try to ensure I choose stories that are believable (or even just “possible” haha) and that includes usually avoiding stories “where everyone applauded” at the end.

However, we include them sometimes because… well… they happen. And here is video proof!

Sometimes I see stuff like this happen and then think… yeah… that story I was on the fence about… that could have happened.


Definitely not impossible, but it does seem extremely hard to believe when that happens.


I think the thing about “everyone clapped” is that it’s so much used in vastly embellished stories (and, as a consequence, as a shorthand for a sarcastic “uh-huh, that happened, suuuure”) that by now, even stories that would normally be believable are automatically rendered much less believable if they end with this phrase.


I’ve read a couple of genuine posts that ended in people applauding with good reason and yet the post was called out as fake. I’ve received a cheer and a smattering of applause for telling and idiot to turn off his loud podacst (which was on a subject I found fascinating but not that loud) because he wasn’t the only person on the bus. It does happen. just not usually in the way that gets left in filtered.