Water Pipe bursting on Chinese New Year at day-program

This is going to be the first of four threads about the lack of communication of an origination and it’s leaders.

Now a typical Monday/Thursday day at the program is in the morning after check-in we do something like my ASL presentation. Then we have lunch (it could be mini pizzas, casear salad, stir fry, soups).

Then do something else in the afternoon. Like me and others were doing a “Writer’s workshop”. on Thursdays afternoons. But others might be playing a game of some kind. I normally take the bus over there and back.’

The only times I don’t go to the program (outside of “Viral yuck”-are:: I’m sick, it’s too cold for me to go outside, or I’m not interested in the program’s activies)

I can’t recall what year this is I’m sometimes get it confused between 2014 and 2016. But I pretty sure it was 2014 since I still used bus tickets I didn’t get a Presto Card (for Brits it’s like an Oyster card for the Tube) until later. It also might happened twice but only the 1st time I got upset and had no idea what to do. I’m pretty sure it was before I had a bank card which I think I got in 2015…so its 2014.

At this time period- we didn’t have phones connected to the apartment “intercom” system. So we had a “sandwich board doorbell” which was proper up againt a window side of the apartment door.

In Feb 2014-
On Chinese New Year Monday in February. I didn’t go to the program because the weather was SO bad it could lead to frost bite. On the following Thursday… I went to the apartment building and was really confused when I didn’t see the “Doorbell”. But then I saw the notice in the window which said “Day program is closed because of a pipe burst”.

I was really upset at first and didn’t know what to do. I got the bus back to (my town) and I went into my church and used the phone to call home and Mom told me to just get home which I did just as she was leaving for work.

I learned afterwards-that a pipe burst in the new office area during lunch on the Monday.

But this was the start of me pushing for a “phone/email tree”. And after the 2nd incident (next thread) I pushed harder for it.