Water not a fan of this janitor

(@Stephen I think I gave too much background information again so could you help me shorten it?)

Ever since the summer of 2002 I been helping for 12 years (except for this year and last) with my Church’s Bible Camp. Under both the old leaders and new leaders-one of my jobs in the mornings of the one week of Bible camp is making the juice while the campers are arriving. I have to make like 9 pitcher of juice for each day. Since its concreted juice -it’s like after getting the lid off and pouring the juice into the pitcher I turn the water tap on and put water into the can and put the water in the can into the pitcher and do it two more times

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Every since the current janitor got hired. When I’m in the middle of getting to the next pitcher of juice of the several I need to make- he will come in and turn off the water tap which means I have to keep turning on and off the water tap while trying to make the juice which in my opinion takes the job twice as long. And that’s ontop of me having to drive a trolley to the fridge to put the 3 fresh containers of juice into the fridge (which yes I do turn the tap off for that) I never had this problem with the prior janitor since the previous janitor was never around during the Bible Camp week.

If this is turning a water tap on and off, then it avoids wasting water. And there would be other ways to work, but you have your methods. If he’s shutting off all the water for a building… that is a nuisance, you need one of those huge key things.

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I thought it was implied I meant the water tap-not water for the whole building!.

Think I have to go through 9 cans of juice (and sometimes later in the morning I have to make 3 more so that’s 12 per day).

into several (like 9) of these kind of pitchers:

So after I get the lid off and get the actually frozen juice into the pitcher-I take the now-empty can of juice and do three cups of water via the can. It’s when I’m going to a new pitcher- (when i have done like only 2 of the 9) that the janitor comes in and and turns the water tap off and that means I have to turn it off in between pitchers unlike I could have it on before this janitor was around. Which for me makes the job take twice as long as me having the tap on when I’m starting the next pitcher. I mean I been doing the job for 17 years (from 2002-2019-this summer and last’s don’t count since there wasn’t in-person Bible camp) so I had the method done pat which doesn’t involve me having to turn the tap on and off.

I’m thinking, mark 900 millilitres (or 885, I’d mark 900 and under fill) on each of the pitchers - maybe a Sharpie permanent marker line and “900” under the handle - fill pitchers with water first, and you can leave one pitcher standing under a carefully set running tap while you’re carrying others around. Add frozen concentrated fruit punch, wait, stir.

Except Mom taught me to do it that way-open juice can, dump it into the pitcher. use can to put 3 cups of water in it and then repeat cycle 6 more times for the next 8 pitchers.

That’s how I started doing it and I can’t change how I do it. It just the only difference is that because of the jantior it takes twice as long as me doing it due to him turning off the water just as I’m about to open the next can-I mean I have done the job for 12 years so maybe he should just leave me alone. I mean he’s probably things I’m “wasting” water and he’s trying to conserve it. But I could be done faster -if I didn’t have to because of him turn on/off water between pitchers.

and “letting the pitcher sit under the tap” would be more wasteful in the jantior’s eyes. I mean it takes me like 5 seconds to go throw one pitcher. Like I bet by the time I get to the fridge he’s will be at the tap turning it off. Like I go grab another can (and all 9 cans are sitting on the counter as are the pitchers I’m using)-and he’s shutting off the tap over my shoulder.