Watch what you're doing

Trigger warning: None.
Idiot warning: The OP

I once punched a checkout operator in the face.

I think a bit of context might be needed, before I get added onto every watch-list and chased out of the NAR community.

You know when you’re wearing a watch as well as a garment (such as a coat) with long sleeves? And you want to see the watch, but the sleeve is covering it?

There are two ways of viewing your way. One way is to slide your sleeve back with your other hand, and look at the watch.

The other way (often used if you holding something in the other hand) is to stretch your arm out and shrug the sleeve clear of your watch.

Anyway, I was at the checkout, at the front of the queue. The seated checkout operator was scanning through my items, and I was stood there, holding my wallet in my right hand and curious to know what the time was on my watch on my left arm.

I did the shrug maneuver.

I wasn’t paying attention.

The poor checkout operator got it in the forehead.

Fortunately, there was no injury. Firstly, it wasn’t a true fist, it was more of a cupped hand (palm down). Secondly, she was only just in reach, and there was barely any force behind it. She wasn’t hurt, only shocked.

You would not believe how many times I could say “I’m so sorry I’m so sorry I’m so sorry are you alright are you alright I’m so sorry” in the space of a few seconds!

Thankfully she accepted my profound and multiple apologies, and that it was an accident.

No police were called, and I didn’t have to serve time.


So you didn’t have to do time just for checking the time. That’s good. :stuck_out_tongue:


I did something similar at a pub except it was a bit harder to explain. I was telling one of my friends about a Kung Fu movie I had watched, got a bit carried away and threw a punch to illustrate one of the moves.

This punch was meant to be into thin air but somebody walked in front of me as the punch was already in motion. You try explaining that in a Glaswegian pub.


I can only assume you’re still here because of offering lots of booze, bizarre alien biology, or you’re actually now a ghost

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I think offering my biology might have made it worse TBH!