Washroom stalls have gaps to save people's lives? True or not Does any one know?

Today on the one story about the guy whom needed to go to the washroom in a pet store area. Well on the Facebook comments of this story someone told a story about the reason why North American washrooms stalls have gaps at the bottom

“incidentally, the gaps on the stall doors are specifically so staff can see if someone has passed out or something. Apparently, stall doors were changed VERY early in the whole “public restroom” life because someone died in one of the stalls and it wasn’t discovered for a couple of days. If they had seen him slumped against the wall, they may have been able to save his life.”

Dos anyone know if this is true or a bunch of a BS like a lot of Urban Legends?

I mean, most stalls are too small for someone to slump against a wall. Chances are they’d end up sitting on the toilet (both because you sit down/don’t stand up when you’re feeling dizzy and because there’s no room in there), which looks perfectly normal if you look at their feet.

I’ve also seen multi-stall bathrooms where the walls go down to the floor, so it’s clearly not any kind of requirement.

Probably the biggest reason is money. Smaller walls/doors use less material, so they’re cheaper. Most other reasons were invented later to justify the cheapness.


The metal partitions & doors are also quick & easy to install, compared to building actual walls.

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