Was the Beast 11 or not when he was cursed?

If he’s not aware enough to understand an explanation, she could tell him that he’s at a doctor’s office or that they’re staying with a friend. Both of which are technically true.

Belle’s homesickness was mostly about her father. In the opening number, it’s shown that she really doesn’t like or care about the town (except maybe the bookseller).

So Disney should have gone with something closer to the other stories (e.g. she leaves to visit her father, but there is no threat of him dying) but then Gaston decides to be Gaston and prevents her from returning. That covers the plot hole.

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Belle didn’t have a chance to explain between Chip showing up in Belle’s bag and the mob there to lynch Maurice. But here’s the script:

POV of MAURICE as his eyes open. He sees BELLE.)
BELLE: It’s all right, Papa. I’m home.
MAURICE: I thought I’d never see you again.
BELLE: I missed you so much.
MAURICE: But the beast. How did you escape?
BELLE: I didn’t escape, Papa. He let me go.
MAURICE: That horrible beast?
BELLE: But he’s different, now. He’s changed somehow.

I don’t think Maurice would have been very happy waking up in the Beast’s castle even if the Beast had changed for good.

and when I said homesick…i kind of meant her father. I didn’t mean the town. In the other versions she was homesick for her family not for the “poor little town” they moved too.

If my dad was injured and/or sick and I had to choose between getting him proper medical care at a place he mistrusted or treating him at home with no real medical support, I would take him to the place with better medical care. I value his life more than preventing him from temporarily getting upset.

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You just wrote a… NAR/Disney crossover fanfic?!
This is epic!


So, I write fanfic myself and came up with this idea a while back:

Just a weird ‘what if’ idea that hit me one day…


I have a Sproglet and we have the Disney story book. I have to say that I don’t find it to even be a good adaptation of their movie, let alone the original work of 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot. I do find the Disney work to be very lacking.

In one of the versions, he has three daughters. The other two are spoiled and ask for beautiful dresses and furs while beauty asks for the rose. He finds out he’s ruined on the trip and as in the movie he stops to pluck a rose and the beast goes nuts and kidnaps him. But the other two daughters blame her because it was the fact he stole the rose that made the beast kidnap him.

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In the first novel edition by Gabrielle something. Belle also had three brothers along with her two sisters.

12 kids. Six sons, six daughters. The poor merchant’s wife…


Yeah. I have written a inter-generational fairtyale story with 9 different fairytale stories.

And Beauty and the Beast is the number 6 out of 9 tale of the story. And I have false memory thing at play because it kind of works out since in some version of the story that “Beauty” is not actually a daughter of the merchant but is a Princess in Disguise

That happens in the original. The Prince’s mother is disappointed that the Beauty isn’t royal so the good fairy waves her wand and casts the following spell:

“Deus ex machina!”

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