Walkthrough portraits of sim versions of Disney villians


Governor Ratcliff (did you know the real’s Ratcliff’s name was John?)

Evil Queen

Jafar (granted, I think this was before City Living)


Dr.Facclier aka Shadowman

Judge Claude Frollo

Lady Treamine


Ursula (I know not a quiet picture)

Shang Yu

Mother Gothel!

(They’re the gods/goddess of the in-universe “bad” religion of Enrichment they’re the power of evil to the good forces of the Anneorine or good religion)

Completely and utterly off topic from the Sims, but sticking with fairy tales, there’s a few episodes of a podcast you might be interested in. The podcast is You’re Dead To Me, presented by Greg Jenner who is a historian, presenter and writer. Among his writing credits include the hugely successful BBC TV series Horrible Histories.

In YDTM, he looks at different aspects or people from history covering topics as diverse as Stonehenge, the pyramids, Mary Seacole, Prohibition, PT Barnham and much, much more. He is joined by a historian who specialises in that particular topic, and a comedian who knows nothing but wants to learn.

The specific podcasts I think you’ll find interesting are these. Firstly, a look at the history of fairy tales, about how they were first recorded, how different cultures have similar stories, and how some stories have changed from then to now, like Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, and so on:

This one goes back even further in history, to the Old Norse literature, looking at the original stories of Thor, Loki, Odin, Frid, and many more.

And if you’re interested in something a bit more macabre, how about vampires in Gothic literature, from their origins in literature as revenants, to the more well known Bram Stoker versions:

There are a LOT of these podcasts (all available for free) which can be found here:

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