Vintage bowling balls

So my husband and I found a pair of bowling balls in random locations along the alley beside our apartment, both yesterday and today.
Me being the little horder, ahem, goblin, that I am, I brought them both inside. I figured better I have them then let the crazy neighbors potentially find them.

One is a blue pearl (?) Columbia 300 Cuda/C 2000 marked as Dewayne

The other is a solid black Hammer Fab(Fal?) marked Charles

Neither has a weight listed, but they feel like they’re around 15, maybe 16 lbs each. The Cuda seems in better shape than the Hammer, but both look their age.

Now I don’t know what to do with them… I’ve been told that donating them would be a hassle, since they would need to be plugged and redrilled, and my husband and I don’t really bowl enough to think it’s worth restoring them.

Curse my goblin need to horde things…


It’s better to hoard them like this than to find them thrown through your window the next day :slight_smile:
As for what to do:

  • If you are donating, I don’t think they (whoever you donate to) can expect you to (let) do the plugging and drilling. So as for hassle, it’s up to them if it’s worth it or not.
  • The next door neighbour might have a nice window?
  • Trashcan, if you didn’t pick them up but would have called the city to clean up the street, they would’ve tossed it as well.
  • Paper weights or decoration. Buy a trophy and claim to be a bowling expert from way back when.
  • Treasure chest. It makes for quick filling and good weight. Throw some gold over it and pretend the entire chest is full of it. Either way, it IS loot.

Nice to rescue such things when you have the space, time, and energy to do so!

If you do a web search for something like “things to do with old bowling balls,” you’ll find a bunch of ideas, everything from places that might welcome having them donated to using them as fitness aids to turning them into garden decor (if you do that, please post pictures!). :slight_smile:


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